Turning a Street Sweeper into a Overlander / BOX RV (2007 Freightliner FC80)


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Dear Community,

I'd like to share the exciting news that I have started a new Overlander Build using this unique chassis – a 2007 Allianz Johnston VT650 / Freightliner FC80 Cargo, previously used as a Street Sweeper. After doing extensive research, debating with experienced RV / Overlander friends, and watching countless YouTube videos, I created a short list of options for Overlander category vehicles, and this chassis caught my attention.

Winning the auction for the truck with very low miles totaling 17,000, and luckily everything works perfectly. The first step in the process is routine maintenance and removing the dump/water container. After removing all of the sweeper components, I was left with a solid and very capable chassis that I believe will be perfect for my Overlander Build.

I am also excited to announce that all of the sweeping functions still work, and I will be selling the Street Sweeper parts to possibly help revive a Street Sweeper which still might be in service. If you are interested in purchasing these parts, please feel free to reach out to me directly, cell: (707) 583 1842

I can't wait to share more updates with you as the build progresses. Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey.


2007 Allianz Johnston VT650 / Freightliner FC-80 Cargo. Tires will be updated to BlackHawk BDR77 11R22.5 146/143L H Commercial Tire with new white powder coated rims, everything on the unit is original per the previous owner, sigh. As in could have been maintained better for a government agency. There will be a 14’ refrigerated box mounted with a complete Tesla Battery pack from a salvage Tesla Model S containing 12-14 Lithium Ion Modules. I love the continuous improvements in battery technology and what is possible today.

After watching a few engineers sharing their knowledge on YouTube I feel very comfortable with using this as a power source for the RV side.

Tesla Battery System Playlist

Having approx 75KW worth of power is outstanding and possible. On the roof will be 1,000 Watts of panel, this build is set to live along The Beach and Tropical Climates.

Looking forward to feedback from others able to share valuable knowledge.


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Ugggg, as someone who works on sweeper units from time to time I'm not sure you got such a good deal. How many hours on it? Miles don't mean much for something that goes 5 mph all the time.


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Ugggg, as someone who works on sweeper units from time to time I'm not sure you got such a good deal. How many hours on it? Miles don't mean much for something that goes 5 mph all the time.

I'll soon be able to drive freely in about a month after several additional upgrades are completed, the tank was removed the beginning of April. Every rusty component has been removed and cleaned, rust removed, primed and painted. There is a secondary diesel engine hosed under the tank of the vacuum / water tank. This engine is a John Deere 4 Cylinder, while I do feel truck was definitely used the end result with be solid and worthwhile.


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Hola Community,

I wanted to share an update on the progress of my Overlander Build. I'm excited to share that I've made significant progress, and I have created a photo gallery to showcase my work, details and receive valuable feedback from all those smarter than myself! Share your tips and thoughts this is going to be a beautiful home on wheels!



Online Photo Gallery: Street Sweeper Overlander Build

As you can see from the gallery, I have removed all the sweeping components, and the chassis is now bare, allowing me to work on the build with a clean slate. Prepping everything for the future habitation inside of a refrigerated box measuring 14' long x 8' height x 102" width.

Furthermore, I've been working on the electrical system and air system making significant progress. The Tesla Model 3 Battery pack is going to be most interesting to me. The entire pack weighs 1060 LBs and the idea at this time would be to mount it to the chassis under the 14' refrigerated box.

Tesla Model 3 Battery delivered and awaiting the next step in its life.

The Tesla Model 3 Battery is the newest in manufacturing the technological enhancements. This means the system will be high voltage 300 volts to 400 allowing me to have a 240 Volts appliances if I choose. Still doing research and the winner remains the EVTV Model 3 Standalone Controller

I am NOT moving forward with Tesla Model S Battery Modules but a complete Tesla Model 3 Battery Pack.

The habitation box would be able to raise and lower via a hydraulic ram which will raise and lower the box similar to a dump trailer. This way I can park on a hill and level the box with ease.


Overall, I'm thrilled with the progress I've made, and I can't wait to see how this unique combination of components will perform once the build is complete.

Thank you for your interest in my build, and I look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.
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Vehicle function update. After several months of tackling numerous improvements to the chassis and cab, the Street Sweeper Overlander took its maiden voyage on July 4th 2023, covering over 400 miles with an average of 11 MPG. The journey included driving through numerous firework displays in Central/Northeast Wisconsin. However, a slight issue with the transmission has recently appeared. @shortbus4x4 , is this what you were referencing? It seems to be working harder than it should, with the 6,000 pounds of Sweeper Gadgets removed, maybe it doesn't know how to act? During startup and idle, you can hear a transmission click and a slight rumble indicating a gear shift, it is VERY random. Additionally, the "Check Trans" light is illuminated on the dashboard.

The quick fix for this issue is simple: shut down the truck and restart it. However, I did experience this problem once while driving on the highway, which is less than ideal. Prior to embarking on this journey, the truck was blowing ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) out of the top vent of the transmission. This was concerning as the vehicle was driven from the shop to a nearby house for the July 4th adventure. Trans temp. ranged from 125 to 200 Degrees.

The Allison 29539579 Screw-on Filter was changed before this 400-mile journey. This week, a full transmission flush, change of Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter within the pan, and another spin filter provided by the Allison Certified Dealer of Truck Country Kaukauna is scheduled.

Contacting Freightliner 24/7 at (800) 385 4357 proved fruitful. I learned that there has been an open recall on the VIN since 2008, so a few brake components will be inspected and changed free of charge. This vehicle was purchased new from the Village of Summit and was not brought in for this recall.


Build Progress Photo Gallery


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There should be trans codes if the service trans light is coming on. Take it in to an Allison dealer and have them check.


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There has been amazing progress! The 10Kw Sandi Inverter and Tesla Model 3 Battery are hooked up. Troubleshooting a few charging issue, it appears to be the charge port controller. A rectangular board from the Tesla Model 3 GEN 3 which allows current from the charge port to pass through into the battery.

I am continuing to improve various parts of the box while living in the build. Also focused, on creating digital content to share around this build. I am thinking about sharing the following:

- Speed Control / Transmission
- Overall abilities and performance
- Box mounting and hinge design
- Tesla Battery Configuration and charging


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