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Hi there, picked up my 2021 TDub in October and really what a windshield. I bought a “universal” for my XT 600 and took it off after 10 minutes, the wind noise was sooo loud I couldn‘t stand it. Like driving a car with the rear windows down. The thumping sound killed me. I’ve seen the “Jimba” ones were really popular but no longer in business. I’ve googled the %&)# out of it and really can’t find anything. Any suggestions are appreciate! Thx.


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Windscreens are a personal preference item. Growing up riding un-faired bikes I think I just go used to it. Buffeting is a big deal for some and sometimes annoying to me too, but that's usually at high speeds above 60mph.

Youtube is my go to for moto mods. I'm sure this is a common topic on TW specific forums.

Check this search for some ideas

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If you’re a Facebook user there is a group just for the TW. Great source for real tried and proven gear talk.

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