G'Day! Gentelmen,

I need to ask a few questions aboutthese vehicles....
I am going to look at one on the weekend....

Firstly What to look for in the way of things that go wrong .....
Rust in the cab is not a big deal...that can be fixed easerly...
I am thinking more on the mechanical side...
Anything i should Look for.....

Cheers Fugly


Dependant on KMs covered, check hubs, oil levels and colour. Engine.. Startup from cold, Check smoke colour. (Small puff of black then clean = ok, white to blue = burning a bit of oil perhaps.. light blue, clearing when warm = poss time for injectors to be reconditioned/serviced). Colour of oil and state of filter.. Recent oil change? Black oil staining finger could mean neglect.. Coolant colour and level.. Blue, green or pink.. Clear means just water, and can mean rusty internals and neglect again.. Monitor the engine sound whilst testing... Smooth idle, no taps (valve clearances neglected if it taps). Check how much the engine breathes.. (Remove dipstick or oil filler plug whilst engine idling and look for lots of 'chuffing'. A small amount of breathing is normal, but heavy breathing is a sign of wear). Lock to lock with the steering, whilst someone watches the joints and listens for clunks. Drive it, and use it in EVERY gear. Find a hill and check that it stays in every gear on overrun. Brakes, handbrake etc. Run the heater. Make sure it works.. Any signs of moisture in the system and heavy condensation on the screen when the fan is on points to a leaking core.. or over pressurised cooling system.. Rust.. Check the usual spots.. Cab mounts etc.. I'm not up on Mog Cab rust points, but places like wheel arches where the tin is layered are prime spots. A little is expected, but a lot is not.

Sounds silly, but you'll get a vibe from the vehicle.. If it drives nicely, looks tidy, everything works and it presents well, then its prob genuine. If its tatty and things don't work, or are missing, find out why. Don't be afraid to barter on price. You after all have the upper hand as the buyer.... and be mindful that you are buying an older vehicle that's not that common... Don't buy it be use its the first one you've seen and you just 'have to have it'! The right and tidy vehicle to start with is a bonus.

Most importantly... Once home, POST PICTURES!!!  Good luck! 


Thanks for the replays ....fellas...
Your comments about what to check could be applied to any prepurchase check....
Of any vehicle thanks for posting ....,

After 1.5 hr plane flight and a 5 hr drive from Perth...
I missed it by half an hour bugger it lol....
Such is life ...lol

Cheers Fugly
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