Ultimate camp shoe?


Am I the only one using a moccasin around camp anymore?

Have been using them my entire life, mostly moose hide models. These days you can get them with a rubber sole for better traction and safety.

That being said I have a pair of Helly Hansen waterproof trail shoes that slip on easily (if I leave the laces a little loose) - great traction, light weight and a reasonable price - this past year they have because my "camp shoe" as I need to replace my last pair of moccasins.


Around camp, if during summer, always Birkenstock. Love them. If during winter or autumn, I have found a brand called KEEN Targhee on Amazon, work very well for hking.


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These for me, with caveats:

Totally comfortable, easy in and out, good for walking and light hiking around camp. surprised at how well they keep fine dirt and dust in the Southwest out of my socks and feet, despite breathing well. Not at all waterproof! But I suppose you could treat them. Been driving, and wearing them around camp for a year, and they are my daily wear shoes outside at home.I only ever wiped the side walls off after them getting very dusty and dirty in camp. I am amazed at how clean they have stayed.

The main downside, for me, is that they’re not good on real side angles, i.e., an angled road shoulder or ditch side. Your foot can slide sideways out of them, if you’re not paying attention.


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Someone else said they pack 3 pair of shoes. I pack 2. A Teva sandal for water or any form of beach, and Oboz Bridger hiking boots. They come in light leather or leather and mesh.

Best hiking boot I've ever bought. Sure, theres more expensive stuff out there but it's too rich for my blood and the Oboz Bridgers do very well


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The cheapest flip-flops that you can find in Walmart or the like here. I long ago gave up the notion that I needed my camp shoes to be a sturdy hiking shoe. In a pinch, you CAN hike in anything, and I have actually hiked a couple of miles in my flip-flops. Not pretty, but it got done with no injuries or close calls. Oh, and they weigh just about nothing.

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All my life I’ve been looking for the ultimate camp shoe. Still haven’t found it. What are your favorites? Let’s limit the choices a bit:

Vehicle-based camping
Summer and fall conditions

1. Easy to slip on when climbing down from the RTT in the middle of the night to take a leak. Collapsible heel seems like a good feature.

2. No “mesh” so that dirt and dust doesn’t come right through the fabric

3. Withstand walking through damp leaves or low grass without soaking through.

4. Sturdy enough to walk to the latrine and back or to gather firewood near camp.

5. Comfortable enough that you get that “ahhhhhh…” feeling when changing out of your tall, heavy hunting boots.

For winter conditions I’ve found a pair of low-rise muck boots are my favorite but I have not found the ideal summer-in-the-Sierras or winter-in-the-desert pair of camp shoes.

The Teva Ember Moc is close but too delicate (see criterion #4) and I don’t need insulation (Western summer and early fall)

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Open them up a bit more than this and loosely tie the strings off at the side, you can just slip them on!

My jump boots are 50+ years old, got them in '71, still serviceable but stiff now, I still wear my 1982 standard issue primarily for the motorcycle.

You asked for the best, not the most stylish. ?

All casual shoes/hickers that I have are Solomon or Merrell, nothing else will do.
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Have used them on backcountry hut trips in winter for trudging over hardpack snow to the outhouse, have even found myself wearing them in the grocery store when I remembered I needed something and ran out in the middle of the afternoon. They're my winter house slippers, knocking around the garage / waxing snowboard slippers, all-purpose camp shoes, and comfy apres-ski wear. Quick on / off, washable, warm, and tough.

Super comfortable


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I’ve become a big fan of the Teva ReEMBER Terrain slip-on.


I wear these which are simple Ozark Trail slippers that I got at Walmart. They're great for in and out of my RTT & tear drop trailer. Also good for just sitting around in the morning before I get going. They have a rubber sole that is fairly waterproof. They're made of memory foam but I've left them places and have totally forgot where I put them. :unsure:

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