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After fixing the chip issue I would like just a little bit more so I have spoken to a few exhaust guys and they suggest a 3 inch all the way but just keep the standard exhaust brake. Anyone done this?

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hey Ben

i did a 2 1/2" pipe through a straight flow muffler
no restrictions in the tail pipe
its a tad noisier but sounds chunky
if you go a larger pipe behind the standard exhaust
your creating an echo chamber
much like the huge cans meatheads put on their small japanese cars to make them sound louder
think WRX
but in saying that having a large diameter pipe hanging out the side makes it look faster
I gather youll route the tail pipe out in front of the rear wheel.

Thanks Stu. Did it make a difference to performance? I don't want it fully sick and noisier. It's currently running out to the back.

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I changed my truck's exhaust from the standard 2 1/4" to a 3" system from the manifold, including replacing the exhaust brake. I do not know if there was any power increase, but if there was it is pretty minimal and not something that is "seat of your pants" noticeable.
I was not really upset by this, as the main reason for me changing the exhaust was so I could route it better, not to get more power.

If you have the opportunity, chuck the truck on a dyno before and after updating the exhaust and report back any differences.
The only problem with doing this is if you have a minimal increase in power you might question why you spent your hard earned on a new exhaust.

I also have a full flow muffler, and to be honest, it's not what I would call loud. Actually, unlike petrol engines, diesel engines are not normally all that loud, even without an exhaust.

A simple test would be to disconnect the exhaust flanges and remove the muffler. After doing that, take the truck for a drive and see if you notice any power difference.
That should be pretty similar to putting a 3" pipe after the exhaust brake and will cost you nothing to find out. That's assuming your muffler is positioned similarly to mine, which is pretty close to the engine/exhaust brake.
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My idea is if you are going to a 3" exhaust why would you leave a restriction in the system (original exhaust brake). It will certainly help the turbo by opening it up to 3" - faster spool up. By how much only you will know after it is done. Dyno before and after would be good but that also costs dollars.



Ben you can go 2 1/2" and if you have to put a muffler o at all go for a small free flow
theres a throaty increase in noise and i think it runs a bit better
that OEM muffler is a brick wall

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