US 2WD NRR Build In Progress


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Thanks to this site for auditing my plans on paper and giving me the confidence to dive into a box truck camper build without having any clue what I'm doing. I wish we could get the 4x4 NPS in the U.S., but we went with a 2WD for our build with intent to haul 2 ADV motorcycles to target the trails. Hope it works out. Thought I'd post some pics for fun and see what hints/tips/advice come up.

End layout first:

Hauling a BMW GS adventure and a Honda CBX 500. No crawl-through cab. Hapijac bed lift in the back over the "garage" - bring down when bikes out. Small kitchen in front, 2 dinettes that also fold-down into single bed. 45gal fresh water. 800ah batteries & 1600w solar.

The build has started but progresses very slowly. Working from the outside-in.



Garage in rubber diamond plate with e-track down. Have wheel chocks and o-rings for motorcycle tie-down. The rear door is a fold-down ramp; a little scary steep to drive the big bike into, but it works. Bought a "drill-winch" (which I haven't tested yet) to support slower guided haul into place for both bikes.

Solar, 12v A/C install, fan install, and pre-wiring next. Fingers crossed I can finish this thing by Fall... may be doubtful. But should be fun when she's all said and done!


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One concern I would have is the smell of the rubber mats in a confined space used for sleeping.
Maybe your mats do not smell, but all of the ones I have had experience with in the past did.


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I’ll let you know! The work has mostly been in the cold so alfar sand with doors open, so we hav’t noticed it yet. It’ll air for likely a year before ever travel in it - the build is slow going. I hope it won’t be bad. We’ll see.


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As I am sure you know, not all rubber mats are the same.
Some lose, or lessen, their smell over time, but I have floor mats in my workshop that still smell much the same as they did when they were new, and they're over 10 years old now!
In a large, airy space, this is not normally an issue, but in a confined space that may not be the case.
But as you said... you'll find out.


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This could end up being a newbie mistake for me. I think ‘odor management’ in general wasn’t much on my build radar.

This is a Morgan Proscape box that is normally used for lawnmowers & stuff; there are 4 vent boxes, 1 at each corner. When we eventually put the walls in, I had thought to sort of fashion a removable ‘plug’ that would allow access.

We’ll be hauling motorcycles in the back; I think gas/oil will also be somewhat of an issue. Maybe I can hook a CPAP to a scuba tank or something. ;)

We have a Maxx air fan going in; hoping I can pull fresh air in and odors out. My wife is keen on this idea, and not for motorcycle or rubber mat issues. ;)


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You may not have an issue; I was just pointing out a potential problem.
A simple test... shut the box up overnight and when you open the access door in the morning you'll know straight away when you walk in.

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