Van Build Components: ThinkTank compost toilet, sinks, water tank, foot pump, recovery boards, 500lb drawer slides, cooler, containers, materials, etc


i just traded my van in, and it's time to clean up the garage as i'm not planning on camping for a while. i have the following components available from previous simple builds i did. everything is located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

-- ThinkTank compost toilet - after researching many models, this appeared to be the best overall option, with the following features:
- 2 vents to prevent odors (and reduce loss of climate controlled air from the van interior)
- has 2 fans, one for each vent. you can run either a single one or both. i connected the 12v wire to a standard 12v cigarette ligher type plug to easily plug into a portable power station (or it could be plugged right into one of the van's 12v sockets if desired)
- large solids bucket that doesn't require compost material (and will last longer than other compost toilet models before needing to be disposed of)
- solids can go directly into a disposable bag that be easily dumped (without having to take entire toilet apart nor turn it upside down. this makes disposal far more pleasant and simple and discreet than other toilets.. i previously used a nature's head toilet and finding a place to empty it without being seen became an issue, especially in/near populated areas)
- liquids drain pipe / tube that can be plumbed to a holding tank or desired location (meaning no more constant emptying the quickly-filling pee jug like other toilets need)
- i built a large polyurethaned wood box to contain the toilet (and toilet paper, bags, etc), to keep it out of sight when not in use
- this hasn't seen lots of use. i only spent around 50 nights in my last van (which i bought this for), and didn't use the toilet every day
- i connected adapter tubes to make the vent pipes smaller, and was able to run these down the channel of the van's D pillar. it was a little bit of a tight fit though i was also able to run the toilet's liquids drain tube and a hose to drain the sink i had, for ventilation and draining without needing to drill any holes in the van (which makes for easier re-sale if you're not doing / selling a full conversion)

-- tall 40" x 80" bed platform - sits at ~36" height, built of 2x4's. should be strong enough to also use as a pretty heavy duty storage shelf

-- a comfortable Milliard 78" x 38" by 6" thick twin XL mattress, with waterproof mattress protector -- this is a tri-fold type so you can more easily store it when not in use (or could make for a stowable / folding bed solution to allow for more interior space in the van during the day)

-- 26 gallon fresh water tank, with tubes + filling inlet

-- Whale Systems Gusher Galley MkIII foot pump

-- full size stainless steel double kitchen sink

-- RecPro 13" round stainless steel rv sink

-- small faucet (that's typically used for filling a glass of water)

-- plumbing for sinks: one has an adapter to drain down a garden hose, and the other has pvc that runs into a 5 gallon bucket

-- Jackery 500 portable power station

-- a couple of 12v splitters, a 25' long 12v extension cable, and a couple of 12v extension cables that have on/off switches

-- 74 qt Weathertight Tote storage container (from The Container Store) -- is clear, measures 17-3/4" wide by 23-1/2" long by 14-1/2" tall

-- 103 qt Weathertight Tote storage container with wheels + handle (from The Container Store) -- is black with a clear top, measures 17-3/4" wide x 23-5/8" long x 18-3/4" tall

-- a pair of orange recovery boards / traction mats, mounted to a piece of plywood with the hardware it came with -- these are almost new. i tried to use them once, but didn't get the sandy dirt dug out enough to get out, before someone in a truck came by and pulled my van out. don't try (or be very careful) making a three point turn to turn around on soft roads if you don't have AWD.. even with a 4x4 truck i got stuck once doing this though was able to get myself out after a bit :)

-- 60" 500 lb capacity drawer slide -- this is brand new, never used

-- two 24" Everbilt 100 lb capacity drawer slides -- brand new, never used

-- Lifetime 55 quart high performance cooler, can keep food cold for 7 days -- this is brand new in the original box

-- lots of new (never used) 2.5" Kreg Blue-Kote pocket hole screws

if anyone wants to reclaim used materials, i have the following available:

-- various pieces of plastic polywall sheets

-- various pieces of 1/2" birch formaldehyde-free plywood, some polyurethaned. (also have many 1" kreg pocket hole screws for these)

-- various 2"x4" pieces (with 2.5" kreg screws, and other self-drilling construction screws)

-- 36" 500 lb capacity drawer slide (currently attached to 2x4's with washers and screws)

-- various lengths of continuous (piano) hinges (that were used for a tall privacy door and storage cabinet door)

i also have a truck camper dolly available. this is just over 4' wide by 8' long, is built of 2x6's, and has casters rated to hold 2640 lbs.

if interested, please send me a message on the forum here, or email me at:

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