#VanLife Bros (and gals) it’s Time to Shine! RendezVan Expo at Mt. B is ON!


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This weekend, go and glow in da snow, RendezVan is on at Mt. Bachelor in Central Oregon

Grab your flat brimmed ball cap, your hydroflask mug, your leggings clad partner and that too cute bandanna wearing furry pooch and head up the hill for the next 5 days!


RendezVan is the celebration of our amazing community of RVers, campers, and van-lifers who make the annual pilgrimage to Mt. Bachelor in the springtime to enjoy soft spring laps and sunshine. Families, skiers, riders, and all travelers are welcome — even the dogs are invited!

Not interested in camping out? All are welcome to join for the day to partake in any of the events. The festival center, including all the music, vendors, activities, and fun competitions are open and free to anyone who would like to join in on the festivities.

While the festival basecamp is packed with activities and fun — the mountain has just as much action going on! Not only will the mountain be open for skiing and riding, but RendezVan will offer various on-mountain events throughout the five days. We look forward to hosting you for RendezVan 2022!


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Hmmmm, good question. Gotta watch out for those skeezy guys in old white vans tho.

But since this vehicular love fest for hygiene challenged stealth camping hipsters (most rigs don’t have bathrooms ya know) is being held in “lovin the loony left coast lifestyle” Oregon, where if it ain’t super trendy, it ain’t gonna float the boat, you might consider changing your business model to the newest, most excellent body disposal method gaining traction and getting action up here of human composting.?

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