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4 kids and a dog...
I'd buy a Corvette. The bigger the family, the more this makes sense.
Just make sure to get a seat-belt harness for the dog.


Well, if you were happy with the 4Runner then get a Sequoia...or a Tundra. I bought a 2014 Tundra this past summer and its an amazing truck. Sure it's "bigger" than the 4Runner (I had an Xterra) but that's what you are looking for. No matter how much power you think your 4Runner had....the 5.7 in the Tundra (I imagine the 5.7 V8 comes in the Sequoia too?) is a thing to behold. And the additional room in the drivers area is great, whne coming from/compared to a mid-sized SUV.

Kyle Kelso

Maybe I missed it, but never saw any sort of budget, age or mileage requirements. I have a fully loaded 3/4 ton Suburban (2004) which I picked up for just a little over half the price the 1st gen Sequoia's are selling for around here with even more mileage. 2nd gen Sequoia's are much more expensive, obviously.

A truck with a topper could be a good option if it fits the rest of your needs and the dog stays in the back, but I'm glad to be back into an SUV after a few trucks (2010 Tundra long bed being one of them). If you go that route, I got better fuel economy from both my 6.7 Ford and 6.7 Ram diesels than my 5.7 Tundra... Only time I hated my diesels was winter (-40) but being in texas you won't have that problem!

I say go crew cab diesel if you decide on a truck for sure, and I won't buy another without a long box. As for SUV it depends on your priorities but a Suburban will have more room than a Sequoia and more seating and climate controlled interior space than a truck. Not sure when they stopped making them, but a 2500 Suburban gets my nod.

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Ford Excursion is what your need, V10 or Diesel can't go wrong. I've got 3 kids and 3 dogs. Plenty of space. Pull a M101a2 trailer when needed. Great combo.


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You could literally go with any of the options you mentioned. I've owned my fair share of SUV's and trucks and for myself, I have found the trucks to be more versatile. The kicker is that you have a lot of children, so you need the extra seats that a large SUV like the Sequoia or Suburban provides. My largest complaint over the years with a SUV is the lackluster towing capability (in comparison to a truck) and the fact that nearly everything has to go inside which is less than ideal with wet and/or stinky items. You mentioned you will only be towing ATV's so the towing capacity/capability of a large SUV should be more than adequate for that need (no need for a diesel and the extra costs), and the extra seats should work well for the kiddos and the rear cargo hold for the family dog. Between a Suburban and Sequoia I would recommend the Sequoia personally as I think Toyota makes a superior product, that said, there appears to be a decent selection of aftermarket options for the Tahoe/Suburban platform. Best of luck with your decision!

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