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Just upgraded from a 30A DC-DC charger to the new Victron Orion XS 50A.

Ran 1/0 from the truck battery to a set of power posts about 3’ from the charger in the trailer, then 4 AWG to the charger (which is the largest size wire it will accept).

It’s pretty impressive how much more compact and efficient this new charger is, and this one is able to connect to my network without the truck being connected, which is worth the upgrade alone.

IMG_7563.JPEGIMG_7568.JPEGPower System 6-6-24.JPEGIMG_7590.PNG
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This is timely, we need one of these to replace the dc power portion of our RV Power Center. Where did you get it?

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Very nice looking system and installation - thanks for sharing.

I am in the process of upgrading my entire electrical system and additional additional capacity using Victron Energy components also. I would really like to hear your experience regarding "synchronized charging" to include your solar, DC-DC, and AC charging. I am not going to add a Cerbo GX so my system will rely upon communication via the VE.Smart network.
The stand-alone VE.Smart network has worked flawlessly for 4 years now via the Victron iPhone app.

All of the chargers look at the battery status via the BMV-712 and charge accordingly.

I've looked at adding a Cebro GX, but I can't really justify any need for one.


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I've never really dug into DC/DC chargers. What's the primary camper use case / benefit? Charging from the vehicle battery more efficiently than via the traditional 7-pin plug?

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