Voodoo Fabrications - Incorrect Compatibility and Zero Customer Service?


Hello All,

At the recommendation of Voodoo Fabrication, I purchased an Edward Pace SwitchBlade tonneau cover and Voodoo's Aluminum VRS Tonneau Compatibe Bed Crossbar System for my 2023 F150 with 6' bed.

The SwitchBlade is awesome. Easy to install. Seems very durable. Looks great. Everything you'd expect from an $1,800 tonneau.

The Voodoo Crossbar System does not fit. The "rails" that set inside the bed appear to be too thick, causing the inside bed width to be too narrow for the tonneau cover to function.

I have attemped to contact Voodoo 18 times by phone, email, and text. The best acknowledgement of the issue was a recommendation to "possibly make adjustments". Yep. Got it. I'm an engineer with a machine shop and have tried everything short of the grinding wheel.

Two questions:
1. Has anyone been able to install a Voodoo Crossbar system with an Edward Pace SwitchBlade tonneau? Did you make any modifications to the Voodoo system?
2. Does anyone know if Voodoo is still open? I've literally called them weekly for several months and I get no response. I read and heard they have great customer service but I haven't seen it myself.

Thanks for the advice.

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