Want to install bouncy seats in your 2.5, read here


So last weekend I installed a pair of bouncy seat bases into my gen 2.5.

Here are some things I learned:
  • Bouncy seat bottom leather is not the same as the gen 2.5 leather, but you can make it fit onto the bouncy seat bottom foam cushion and frame with a little work (see video)
  • A power driver's seat will not fit onto the bouncy seat foam cushion without some major alterations. Unsure about a manual driver's seat, but I'm guessing the leather & foam would fit based on the passenger seat.
  • The manual seat back from gen 2.5 will bolt straight onto the bouncy seat bottom.
  • The power seat back from gen 2.5 will not bolt up to a bouncy seat bottom, but you wouldn't want to anyway, because they you couldn't adjust the seat back angle
  • The seat back foam and leather can be removed from the frame with a little work (see video). Removing the leather from the foam can be done as well, but you'll want a pair of needle nose pliers that are long to reassemble. Longer will make it easier.
  • The bouncy base will bolt right into a gen 2.5, but it seems to be just a 16th or 32nd of an inch narrower. You'll want to be careful getting the bolts started, I suggest buying a tap to clean the bolt holes out, they will be loaded with loctite
  • I'm surprised at how often the bouncy seats go into action just in everyday driving.

The videos below aren't really "how to", but they will give you some tips and tricks on what to expect and do.

Passenger Side:

Driver's Side:

Headrest Guide Removal Tip:

A tip for installing the bouncy base back into the vehicle (ignore the trash and food bits, hadn't vacuumed yet):

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Google did an auto-movie from the pictures and video I took today. Needless to say, I've learned more than I ever wanted to know about the my front seats :)

Thought that this was at least worth sharing until I can put together an updated post.

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Wow, even though I am not planning to change my seats but I really appreciated for taking your time to post this to the community.

Well done!


Nice job Nick. How the hell do you not have raccoons or rats living in your Montero with all those food scraps? :coffeedrink:

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