What stopped my hardside on Elephant Hill

I'm estimating the height max is 8 feet, 2 inches at this point with an 86 inch wide camper box. I'm 10 feet 4 inches too tall.

I'm assuming that "The Squeeze"/"The Pinch" is where you scraped? I've wondered about the height to get through there. I haven't done E Hill in over a decade and have been curious about the size limits in that and a couple of the narrow turns.


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Oh, I can imagine what was the bill! Very sorry for you. Once I stuck completely in the mud after rain, I also had to call a tow truck to pick up my jeep.


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Several short vids of our attempt at Beef Basin. Click on my drop box links. We never made it because of the 2 feet of snow on a 20% grade at elevation. This was the first time I've ever had to stop and let the mud dry before trying to continue. You will see the unintended consequences of True Tracs on both ends. Without a difference in side to side traction the axles become like spools, locked up and trying to find the shortest way downhill, usually sideways. Yes, all four wheels are pulling in unison with zero differential action. It was a bit like driving on ice. What I don't have a video of is the several other times I slide sideways into the ditch. This became a real test of skill when you were on a muddy road, slightly angled toward the precipice in the cut hillside. There was a speed sweet spot in going up and down the little hills: too much speed and you slide right off out of control. Too little speed and you lack enough momentum to crest. We had an eye on the driest part of the road, whether it was on the left; center; or right side. First, bro John's river crossing in light precip. This was a bad day to be tent camping. On our return to this same spot a couple abandoned Subarus were pulled over to the side of the road with their hoods up after what looked like a Bonzai Charge across the large rock laden river crossing. Hey! Clearance? We doan need no stinking clearance! Those Subies will go anywhere? (We own a 2019 CrossTrek)


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Jefe's bad luck with the roads/weather just proves one needs to be lucky in picking a year to try it. Here's my easy traverse of Beef Basin and Bobby's hole from April 2018. Link . And yes, it was handy to have lockers in both axles coming back up.
You'll see that I didn't get much further though.
Also, a very easy White Rim Trail drive is here .

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