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Hi all I am in the market for a pop up camper. I have also been doing a lot of research on trucks and pay loads. Boy was I surprised!! Most 1/2 ton trucks have the same if not a higher payload then 3/4 ton trucks...
Also I'm not really impressed with the 1/2 ton numbers...
Some of the pop up truck campers are light 1400 lbs (dry)
And some are on the heavy side 1900 (dry) Now you can add apx 300 - 500 lbs for gear,passengers, battery's, Propane, water and maybe more weight if u have a lot of stuff! that will bring the weight of the camper to1900- 2400 lbs. Now if u want to pull a small trailer for a SXS or ATV or Dirt bike. You have to add the toung weight to the pay load number (right around 12 % of the trailer weight)This is really close to a 1/2 ton payload rating and in most cases it puts your weight over the limit. The 1/2 ton truck with the higest payload rating for any manufacturer is a 2 door, 2wd,8 ft bed with no extras. But who really uses one like that to go Overland pop up truck camping? So please tell me what truck are you all using to haul your pop up campers?
I really do not want to buy a 1 ton truck!
Thanks for your replies!


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I would bet 90% of trucks with campers are at or over gvw.
I would bet all Tacoma, rangers, pick a small truck are way overloaded.
What I was referring to my last comment is buy your truck AFTER you figure what all you STUFF is gonna weigh then get a truck that will carry at least 10% over.
You will STILL BE at or over gvw within a year.
That's a fact.


We had our hawk in a 08 Tundra before we got the F250. The F250 has almost 2000lbs more payload. The Tundra did fine with airbags. It never felt unsafe in 15000 miles. The F250 carries the camper much better on paved roads. It also sucks on washboard. We are building a flatbed with storage boxes and it would have added enough weight that we would be pushing it for the rear gawr of the Tundra. If I want building a flatbed I would still be rolling in the Tundra. Axle ratings are more important than gvw and stepping up to a 3/4 ton gets you another 2000lbs. It also gets you a full floating rear axle.

Most mid size and half ton trucks with campers are over gvw. Most only really see paved roads and are probably fine. But if you are buying a truck for a camper I would get a 3/4.


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I am in the market for a camper as well. After much debate and research, I ended up ordering an 1 ton, 8ft bed. All the new style camper companie such as camp-x seem to be pushing for 6.5 or go flatbed. But all of the truck camper veterans seem to go 8ft rear slide in style campers. The versatility of utilizing a rear slide in on a standard bed or rear slide in on a flat bed with side boxes (to fill the side gaps) just makes them more appealing. Either way, weight seem to be the issue for 1/2 ton 3/4 ton trucks.


A 1-ton truck is the same size as a 3/4. So don't go half...er....three quarters of the way...

I have an 8 ft popup on a shortbed crew cab 1-ton, completely stock. Needed the back seat for the 2 kids and a dog. Camper is about 1800 lbs dry. Payload isn't great if we wanted anything bigger (3400 lbs on the door sticker). I had to have the diesel, didn't I? (I love the diesel. Totally worth having a "smaller" camper and making someone sleep in a tent.)


Most 1/2 ton trucks have the same if not a higher payload then 3/4 ton trucks...

??? You can get a F150 supercab longbed 4x4 with the HDPP with a payload of near 2,900lbs. That's close to 3/4 ton normal, but not quite there. Most 1/2 tons are in the 1,200-1,600 lb range.

Like others have said, once you load everything up you'll be way over GVWR in most 1/2 tons. It's not illegal, and you can certainly make it handle and drive fine with some sensible upgrades, but you'll never have the heavy duty chassis (and full floating rear axle) that's under a 3/4-1 ton.


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Any half ton PLUS the heavy payload options is a great base for a popup camper. BUT get ALL the heavy half ton options.


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2012 Ram 2500 standard cab, 8' box, hemi, 4X4, and FWC Grandby; 7920 lbs. loaded with 2 weeks supplies.
Truck without camper is 6360 lbs.


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Thanks for all the replies!
Can the people who replied post some pics of their set-up?
I am leaning toward a 2019 RAM 2500 Bighorn With the Sport package. The payload on the door sticker is 2954 lbs. This should be perfect for my needs.
Oh by the way the truck only has 10K miles on it! 1 owner. He tells me the reason he is selling is that he pulls a 32 ft Travel Trailer and he wants to get a little better MPG on longer trips. I will have to look into this more because I thought that the MPG difference between the 6.4L Hemi and the Diesel was 1-4 MPG's in favor of the Diesel... I would just live with that. But that is me lol.



The Ram should be great. The 3/4 carries the camper a lot better. 10k miles is practically new. Here are photos of our FWC on the both trucks. Loaded the 3/4 ton does marginally better mpgs.


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The Ram should be great. The 3/4 carries the camper a lot better. 10k miles is practically new. Here are photos of our FWC on both trucks. Loaded the 3/4 ton does marginally better mpgs.
Pics look good!
I kinda stumbled across this RAM 2500 it has everything I need and want! I just hope it looks as good in person as it does in the pics!!


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