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Ok, so I compared the DeBuyer and the OXO carbon steel pans. Both 10". The thickness of the OXO is 2mm and the DeBuyer is 3.5mm. The walls of the OXO are slightly more vertical. However, when cooking bacon, even though the heating distribution was equal across the bottom, the bacon grease did tend to pool away from the center slightly, so there is a small convexity. Cooking the scrambled eggs was as good as any non stick cookware I've ever owned. My impression is that this is still a very good pan and will definitely be using it while camping.
I agree that this pan is not as thick as my home carbon steel pans such as Matfor or BlueSkillet but there is a reason I don't take those camping and overlanding. I think the Oxo is a great compromise in durability, weight and packability.


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I went with the GSI Bugaboo Medium set, but we haven't used it yet. I love how packable it is, but I'm worried that it's too lightweight to stand up to serious use. We don't cook on open fire/coals - it's always on a propane burner, so we'll see.


Well I'm a little late on reading this and responding. I've had that set in use off and on since the 90s no big problem other than it can be dented or crushed. Then too is watch out for over heating with some stoves "hot spots" I've dragged them around the globe, really.

I've got at least 3-4 different sets of "camp" cookware and a substantial collection of cast iron cookware to. I recently added 2or 3 different cast iron skillets to my collection, my favorite one that I had for years cracked, it was a thin case iron about 8 inches wide. On S.S. sets I have and use Coleman sets from 80s & 90s and dang how much food I've burned on them. 😳 So a Stanley S.S. fry pan gets used quite often instead or Pathfinder skillet. Most of my backpacking days are past now.
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On a recommendation somewhere on here, I bought a Matfer Borgeat carbon steel pan. I love cast iron like anyone else here, in part because it can be used on any fuel source; campfire or stovetop. And you can pretty much treat it like cast iron. But it's quite a bit lighter, yet still heavy enough to be bombproof. My cooking isn't broad enough to need a set of pans; I'm usually sauteing or frying whatever it is that I'm eating, so one skillet serves 90% of my needs.

Now, having said that, I will be checking out the OXO unit!

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