Where to mount fridge


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1993 FZJ80 Land Cruiser.

Norcold MRFT-460.

It looks like this:

I also got a sliding tray with it. What I need to do is figure which side of the cargo area to mount it.

As you can see, the lid is hinged in such a way that the compressor unit is on the right as you are facing the cooler.

So taking that space into consideration, I would think it logical to have the fridge mounted on the left (USDS) side of the cargo area so I don't have to reach over the compressor section to access the cooler box when it is slid out.

My other thought is that the fuel tank and driver are already on the left of the vehicle and to balance the load a little, put it on the right side.

Either way, I will still have a third row seat on the side opposite the fridge as we have 3 kids and I like them to all have 3 point belts when we travel.

Any ideas out there? I am also thinking of building a drawer for under the fridge. Not very tall, but full length and some sort of storage system for behind the third row. I also have a Norcold MRFT-40 that I could put in the 80 and maybe put the 460 in the trailer. I just don't know what direction to go.



I'm not sure if you are a member at IH8MUD or not. Your best bet is going to be doing a search there in the 80's-tech section. If you use the terms drawer, storage, fridge, etc. you will find dozens of threads with pic's & info.


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I have my Norcold 60 with the compressor at the tailgate on the passengers side. With the handle up against the tailgate I get the ventilation space require without the risk blocking the ventilation off. I find that I can get to what I need with the frig in place without dropping the tailgate. But then again its in a 100 series.

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