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Trying to get out more after my neck and back surgery. I didn’t leave the house and lived in a darkened room for over a year due to a closed head injury caused by a fall. I gained a lot of weight and now am going to try and hike and hopefully will lose weight to help with the pain in my back. My issue is I can’t seem to find a hiking boot in a size 11 4E wide. Widest I’ve found is 2E. Need a boot for ankle support. Thank you. Sorry for the long post.
Try a Merrell soft hiking shoe and use ankle supports or wrap up with an Ace. See the doctor.

Then, there are always these, the best boots made.

Corcoran Jump Boots!

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Zamberlan offer Wide in several models The 14-Wide Viol GTX, while very expensive, has been the only boot that fit my foot right out of the box and never caused comfort issues.


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Not a traditional boot, more of a all-round walking shoe, but the Hoka Bondi 8 is very comfortable and comes in 4E and a range of sizes and a few colors

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First post and all that;

Obviously footwear is subjective. I went from Solomon Quest 4ds, which I love, they struggle to last a season of hiking for me. To A set of Italian built Schnee's Kestrels, on paper is an incredible boot, in reality it's wide variant not a wide at all, its a very narrow boot. The lack of a heel lock, and a non existent heel cup meant they were some of the worst boots I have warn.
Now in a set of Crispi Colorado Wides, spendy but my gosh is it a nice boot. Very generous toe box, great heal cup, nice heel lock, plenty of support for the weight. PU midsole. But not crampon compatible unfortunately. And not realistically rebuildable like the Schnee's boot.


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I went to REI in Seattle and got fitted with a wide size pair of Lowas. Then they stretched them wider to fit. The service was great.

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