Will this shovel stay put???

I have no experience with these Monkey Fist mounts. The mounts are definitely secure to the truck but, I'm not sure if I should trust the Monkey Fists on the highway. Opinions?


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I have no experience with these Monkey Fist mounts. The mounts are definitely secure to the truck but, I'm not sure if I should trust the Monkey Fists on the highway. Opinions?


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I used the same mounts for some window/door take down tools on top of a swat truck. They hold just fine going down the freeway and those pieces weigh more than your shovel.

A periodic check that it’s still secure isn’t a bad idea... I trust them

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Good to worry about it, but yes, you'll be fine.

EDIT: I should add: You did yourself a favor with the spacing. With the fists close to the spade and handle-ends, there isn't a lot of room for the shovel to slide along its axis. If your fists were closer together, that's the one bit of movement I might worry about - that it would slide forward into your solar panel. The fists will definitely keep it secure to the rack, though.


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Further checking for any degradation from sun or age would be high on my list.

Always good advice. That said, I will attest that I've had a pair of quickfists on the side of my van in harsh daily sun (driveway faces such that the QFs always face south) and they have stayed pliable and functional over the course of ~8 years thus far.

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I have a set holding a shovel in my bed... Hasn't fliched.


I have had mounts on the roof of my LR for years, no movement, ever. Shovel does not go anywhere and no UV damage.


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The "nervous nelly" in me will add a piece of 550 cord around the mount at the shovel shaft with a knot as back-up. Never lost anything from the RR that way.


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I have same rubber clamps connected to rear ladder to attach my shovel. Many 8-10 hour days and never an issue. I use stainless stell clamps to attach to rubber grips.

Ran errands around town today with the shovel in place, including about 30 miles on the freeway running 75-80mph. It was rock solid. Thanks everyone!



Once had a casual conversation with a guy when I had my Pinzgauer, he had one too. We got to talking about Quick-fist clamps, seemed that he was very much in favor of them. He owned the company. Sometimes you can meet the most interesting people.


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I've been using quick fists for years without any issues. Like anything left in the sun for a long time there will be some deterioration but your shovel will suffer more.
I wrap a zip tie around the hole in the quick fist and the shovel as a cheap security against someone just grabbing the shovel and running.


I'm a big fan of the quick fists. I have them on the roof of my truck (those are X-Bulls beside the shovel), on my Jeep's roof rack, and on my trailer (shovel on the front; axe on the back [which you can barely see in the last picture]). They work great.

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Quick Fists work a treat!
I've had two for years now. One holding the shovel to the roof rack, one "large" to secure a five pound fire extinguisher inside the rig.
Neither have moved at all...solid, with seemingly no degradation due to sun and weather.

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