Windows for a Fiberglass cab-over camper


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Hi guys, I'm in the process of building a SpaceKap 8ft Plus (Diablo nowadays) camper. As the picture shows, it comes with 2 "giant" lift-up windows which I believe was for accessing the tools in the cap. I decided to convert one into a/or many windows but want to hear some opinions. The measurements are 60"x23". My initial thought and some difficulties:
  • Find some window completely replace it. But very hard to find one this big
  • Find a solution to divide the "hole" into 2 even parts and put two windows there. But I can't think of what "solution" can be
  • Cut right into the lift-up window and mount a smaller one there. But Will look ugly
Any other suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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Maybe a thin long window.

OR make the windows stick out so it all looks like you planned it this way. Something different. Round windows or paint the trim red so it really sticks out.

I just picked up an 8' SpaceKap and starting my planning. I am sure I will need input from all the SpaceKap people.
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An added challenge with spacekaps is the curvature of the outer shell exceeds window manufactures allowable specs. On the newer diablos there is a small area on each side where they install their windows that kind of works.

I had spakekap installed windows where they sawed through the plywood ribs to. The window leaked and the ribs swelled causing deformation. The best solution is to install windows that fit between the ribs to avoid this scenario.

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