Would you buy and build a Gen 1 4Runner with a 22re and a AUTO?


My X wife got my Mint 87 4runner (22re, 5 speed) and I got the 03 double cab taco 4x4:mad:. OK OK I might have gotten the better end of the deal :victory: but I really do miss my runner and had big build plans for it. :Mechanic: Every offer I have given to buy it back from her gets :ar15: shot down, even though she hasn't driven it in a year. I guess spite is a womans best friend.
Now to the QUESTION:
I have a chance to buy a good condition 88 runner with a good 22re and a bad A340F automatic tranny and a parts 88 runner with a blown v6 and a good Auto tranny but not so pretty body. Does any on think the auto tranny is worthy for building or should I save my pennies and find another 5 speed 4Runner to build instead? By the way the price is $1500 for both. I just have always favored the 5 speed. What would you guys do? :coffee:

Ditto on the "have a friend (that she doesn't know) buy it." Have him stop by and put a note on the windshield or on her door to initiate the discussion. After he buys it and sells it to you, be sure to drive it by her house with a honk and wave :p

If that doesn't work, then shop around. If you are the wrenching type, that deal of two 4Runners for $1500 sounds pretty good, although the V6 tranny won't fit on the 22R block easily. I don't think that there are any adapters for it since the turbo tranny is the preferred to swap onto a 22R engine.

Like others said, one nice swap option is to get the 4Runners and part one out, pull and sell the engine/trans and swap in a 3RZ and trans. Or alternatively (if you are seriously into wrenching) , get a Jap import Hilux half-cut with a diesel =-D



They are. Marlin seems to be the pioneer when it comes to 3RZ swaps, but I'm not sure if they have wiring harnesses available yet. I'm waiting for a practical solution to the fact that 3RZ oilpans won't clear IFS, but once that's solved or I decide to fab a custom oilpan, it's game on.

You use a 2wd T100 3rz oil pan that is a rearsump, fits the SA mini great. Oil pan is easily overcome.


Yeah, ORS's shop is definitely closed. Now that you mention it, though, I recall hearing that Mike is doing stuff out of his home garage in Kansas now. What were his options for the swap, just a harness or oil pan mods as well?
Huh, he didn't mention anything about that. But then I only called to ask if he could make a harness for a 3RZ swap (answer was yes). I didn't know the oilpan would be a problem, and was only doing some preliminary research. Not too worried about that though. Oilpans are just about as easy to modify as anything else...


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W56 manual tran's spec.s- 1st 3.954, 2nd 2.141, 3rd 1.384, 4th 1.00, 5th .850
A-340F Auto tran's- 1st 2.80, 2nd 1.52, 3rd 1.00, 4th O/D .71

With the auto tran's you don't get the low gear like 1st in the w56. IMO the lower gear ratio of the manual w56 tran's is huge especially if you want to use the 4runner for off roaring or possibly pulling anything, even though towing with a 22re isn't ideal, it's just something to consider. But the auto 4runners due come with lower gear ratio's in the diff's so im on board with every one else in buying it selling parts from one and using that money for a manual tran's conversion and then you'll have the beefed up rear axle and lower gears in the diff, which is a plus for most.

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