Yamaha TW200? Looking for feedback


Might want to consider the new Honda xr150L. I just recently went through this process. Love the TW, but the Honda gives a little more range/possibilities than the TW and is more than 2k cheaper.


Because they are popular, and reliable if well taken care of, I am seeing TW’s that are 15 years old going for over $3,500 in my area. New, you’re easily over 5k.


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Great niche bike and regardless of what some have said here the TW will go places none of these other bikes will go. It is the atv of motorcycles. The front tire is dirt bike rear tire width and the rear can actually use ATV tires. It has a lower seat height than anything mentioned here, is dead reliable and fun. The perfect exploration bike. It is not a speedster and the suspension can be improved significantly for cheap money. The harder the trails the more fun this bike is. It won’t outperform these others on gravel roads but in the truly hard stuff it certainly will.
I went a step bigger on the front sprocket as I am about average size and don’t need the torque. It still pulls like a tractor and can do 60 all day long and 65 for stretches. I think it would be great for what you are doing. So easy to ride and learn on that even a beginner will have a blast so your SO or friends can enjoy it.


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Maybe a Honda CT125. Little smaller and a lot cheaper but will do the same thing.
CT125 front tire- 70mm wide, rear tire- 100mm wide
TW200 front tire- 130mm wide, rear tire- 180mm wide

Sand, silt, loose dirt, snow, some types of mud might disagree



I have never smiled or giggled more riding a bike than I have on a TW. I have ridden tons of trails and raced enduros and hare scrambles, etc. over the years. I can't remember who started it or why but a group of us from my riding circle got them to tool around in town and on the local trails one year. We had a ridiculous amount of fun with them. If you think it would fit into your plans go for it.


I'd love a TW, they look like a lot of fun to rip from camp to the store, gravel roads, mild offroad, turn off brain and twist throttle, nothing but good things come of that. I actually got my motorcycle endorsement riding one years ago. If had the room I'd 100% have one with rear rack and some nice panniers.

Not to disparage anybody, but no, they can't go places a proper dirt bike can in the hands of a competent rider. The fat tires limit their use on trails with ruts and lack of suspension limits their use on rough terrain / woops, say down in Baja. While they may be ok for loose sand at slow speeds any proper offroad DS bike with good tires ridden by a solid rider is going to go further, faster with more comfort in 95% of terrain. Not saying that to be ornery but setting expectation, if you want to take the time to learn to ride a full size DS bike, a full size DS is likely a better option. If you want to dabble in motorcycles and don't want the option of harder single track, TW200 may slot in nicely.

I think as some others have said, a TTR230 or CRF250F would be my overall choice and a platform that is a bit more flexible.
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