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Old habits, that are good habits.

So the morning we left earlyish at 07:30. When I was getting ready I checked the BCN maps, on my phone and tablet. Across both platforms they were corrupted. No idea, why. They wouldn’t really be needed today. So I was not very worried about it. And I also knew where I was going. Not to mention the paper map, and google maps were good. The Garmin Oregon Topo was still there.

I had to delete all BCN files, and reinstall the apps and states. Working on the tablet now, but still no go on the phone. Trust but verify, those habits will save me on of these days and have before..

Tiny Towns, Two Lanes and Toxic Water:

Narrow shelf road, that climbs rather quickly. Next stop was the “ Red Boy Mine” I saw on the way in. But it’s on a blind corner so wanted to hit it on the way back down.

Summary Information

(last updated on: 10/17/2012 9:50:10 AM)

The Red Boy Mine is one of over 100 mines in the Granite Creek Mining District, a complex of mines along Granite Creek and tributaries such as Clear, Olive, and Bull Run Creeks (see also ECSI #2131). A 1996 EPA Site Inspection (SI) found significant metals contamination of soil/sediment and surface water, highest in sediment ponds, with concentrations decreasing at downgradient locations. There were levated levels of arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, barium, beryllium, mercury, and silver in most tailings piles, sediment ponds and at many downgradient locations. The Red Boy Mine was identified as being of particular concern due to a large volume of tailings and waste rock in the stream channel at Congo Gulch, and the condition of the water collection system and treatment wetlands, which allow variable amounts of mine water discharge to by-pass the system and enter Clear Creek via Congo Gulch. The tailings in Congo Gulch are over 25 feet thick in some areas and are eroding into the creek. Clear Creek is a critical habitat for Spring Chinook, Summer Steelhead, and other sensitive fish and aquatic species. The USFS provided for construction of treatment ponds and wetlands for the drainage from Red Boy and two other nearby mines, Due to design and maintenance problems, water from the Red Boy Mine often bypasses the system and leaks through waste rock, carrying arsenic, iron and other metal contaminants into Congo Gulch and Clear Creek. Recently DEQ has been working with the North Fork John Day Watershed Council, the Oregon Water Enhancement Board, the USFS, and other stakeholders to find funding and solutions to develop and implement plans to improve the quality of water, sediment, and anadromous fish runs in Clear Creek, Granite Creek, and the North Fork John Day River. Recent grant funding has been used to collect additional data to update mine conditions and wok on the improvement, upgrading and maintenance of the piping system.”

IMG_20230917_105730_618.jpgIMG_20230917_105816_958.jpgIMG_20230917_105838_566.jpgIMG_20230917_105840_552 (1).jpgIMG_20230917_105840_552.jpgIMG_20230917_105901_175.jpgIMG_20230917_105903_807.jpgIMG_20230917_110230_572.jpg

Pacific Northwest yetti

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There are still active claims in the area, so it’s always best to mind your P’s and Q’s. With that water, much to her dismay she was not allowed to swim. We did stop multiple times along the way so she could get some water time in.
The images, don’t do a great job of showing just how orange the water is. Notice the dead foliage that is around it.


Pacific Northwest yetti

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Pacific Northwest yetti

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Lets try this again,

It was a windows down, music up kind of day. Once I confirmed it was bow season, (meaning < chance of gunshots) I rolled up both sides of the super top so the dog could also enjoy all the breeze. I have thought about trying to find someone to build zip in net/mesh sides. But have never looked that hard, as its so easy to zip them out, or fold the entire thing flat.

It was starting to get warmer, and I was starting to get hungry. The only solid thing I wanted to see that day I did, and it I was not at the power house long. So the rest of the day, was just slowly point a direction and drive home.

Cruised through Sumpter, and toward Baker as I had never done that section before. Mostly just two lane old highways at this point. Making miles and smiles. The size of the old dredge piles is still mindboggling and they go for miles.

We saw a sign for a narrow gauge railroad Depot and stopped there. It was a good time for Mishka to get a swim in.

* Oddly enough, I am getting that the images are too large for the server to process. Same phone, ( well new phone, same model) that I have been using. And have not gotten that at all the last few months of posting. Go figure.

Pacific Northwest yetti

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We had missed the last train until Christmas it seems, which is ok. Im sure I’ll make it back for one. I actually really like exploring in the shoulder seasons, sure it’s all a tradeoff. Some places are closed, but they are way less busy. Here, never saw another soul.

“ The Sumpter Valley Railway, or Sumpter Valley Railroad, is a 3 ft narrow gauge heritage railroad located in Baker County, in the U.S. state of Oregon. Built on a right-of-way used by the original railway of the same name, it carries excursion trains on a roughly 5-mile route between McEwen and Sumpter. The railroad has two steam locomotives and several other pieces of rolling stock.[3] Passenger excursion trains operate on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day through the end of September.”


Are you still there?

I was confident it was safe to walk down the tracks, behind us: The line was dead and empty. And I could see the engines in the barn locked up.

Pacific Northwest yetti

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From there, we continued a longway home. Assuming I would find some roadside burger place. Oddly enough I did not. So fast food in the park in Baker City it was. The park was nice though, there a birthday party going on, and everyone was practicing their elk calls. Good ole small towns.

No Idea on the windmill History, lots of old rumors about it.


It was a quick just shy of 2 hour drive on the freeway home. Mishka just stuck her head out the side and snuffed all the things, much to the chagrin of anyone who passed us.

We passed Phillips lake, and like most currently in the west the water lines were very telling. I did not stop and take pictures. So many of these places are 30ft + lower than “Normal” although I suppose this is the new Normal.

Capture Freemont power house.PNGCapture lake 2023.PNG


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That narrow track is so weird looking. I used to be responsible for a rail crew operating a little over 26 miles of track so I am used to "normal width" track.

Looks like they do some cool things, train robbery, fall foliage, polar express, etc. Would make a great date day.
I don't know man, it better be the right girl. If you watch BBT you would know that Sheldon Cooper ruined a date while on a train ride. ;)

Pacific Northwest yetti

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That narrow track is so weird looking. I used to be responsible for a rail crew operating a little over 26 miles of track so I am used to "normal width" track.

I don't know man, it better be the right girl. If you watch BBT you would know that Sheldon Cooper ruined a date while on a train ride. ;)
I liked the perspective of the narrow track in the pictures. And part of the fun of posting the pictures, is people have so many life experiences and info you may not get otherwise.

Haha, I will have to look that episode up. I doubt I have to think about dates for a long time at this point in my life. Haha

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