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The next few pictures, well. They aren’t good. But it gives an example, of the construction they used here in the high desert. And some more of the CCC work

As you can see, once I got back. And the rubber had cooled down. I added air to the tire that was low. I actually got distracted looking at a solar tesla charging station, ( It was non functional) And ended up with 55 psi in the tire. That extreme outback magnum compressor is a amazing little thing. And then had to get my deflator, pull the valve stem and level it back out.

The ZR2, will actually honk when you reach a specific PSI, although I think its 35. I need to mess with that portion more. As well as it will turn on the blinker, next to the tire you are filling up.

I know here in the west the CCC work is everywhere, I dont know about it as much on the east coast, or middle states.

Pacific Northwest yetti

Expedition Medic
Here Is a good OPD video, on the CCC. It’s about 30mins long. Its pretty close to the same one that are played in some of the National and State parks, with regards to the CCC.

Great reporting from the field, thx.

Since you’re kinda in the area and seem to enjoy geology…have you visited this place just SW of you? I think you’d really enjoy exploring it this time of year.

Ableguy, I have been! But I am always appreciative of suggestions. I even have a few more I will add,

It’s a cool, area they actually take many of the local kids, (High school + College) there for field trips. Most recently, I was there in November of 2020 after a med contract in Bend. I was the only person, and there was a light dusting of Snow. So the contrast with the boardwalks and hills was really pretty.

The PNW has some really cool geology.

Pacific Northwest yetti

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After adding air, it was time to start heading back. And I figured grab some grub, and hit a few more places down the way. So, It was smiles and smiles with a new podcast loaded up and ready to play.

There is not much Around Vantage Washington where all this is. A few months ago, the company looked at a bid to run new fiber under the bridge that crosses the Columbia river. During that process, I made a few work trips out that way to preview and safety issues. But also added some places to visit to my list. Since I had to go back through Vantage I hit the Ginkgo Petrified Forest state park.

Small facility, with almost zero signage as far as knowing it is there, or finding it. If I had not seen it on the map, I would have never known.
Once there, good exhibits. . But well done, and the lone ranger there. She was nice, and we chatted about the area for a bit.

I did not expect to see the Dino, but got a chuckle. It was at a Gem store on the way to the state park.

IMG_20231118_113925_872.jpgIMG_20231118_114633_090.jpgIMG_20231118_114834_260.jpgIMG_20231118_114845_071.jpgIMG_20231118_115145_187.jpgIMG_20231118_120015_835.jpgIMG_20231118_120024_910.jpgIMG_20231118_120042_852.jpgIMG_20231118_120137_374.jpgIMG_20231118_120140_358.jpg I wish the camera did a better job of caputurung the grey, limited visbility overtones to that day.

Pacific Northwest yetti

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They had some exhibits on the outside as well, so took another opportunity to put Mishka on her leash, stretch her legs, and do dog things. Although, she mostly wanted to sleep.
The petroglyphics they actually moved, as they were going to be underwater after the dam was built.


The bridge I checked for safety concerns, and running fiber under it. ( Maybe a project for another time) A lot of Alphabet Soup agencies have to agree on some things first.

Pacific Northwest yetti

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After the state park, I needed some coffee and food. Not many options, But I saw Riverview Espresso when I was topping off my fuel tank.!16s/g/11v0lv7wxv?authuser=0&entry=ttu

I walked in, and it smelled great! The gal working was friendly but shy. She seemed pretty young, as I was asking about the area and just making conversation. Breakfast burrito and dirty chai it was. When I asked her what people do in the area, she replied, “just things, like hang around with friends”. Not what I meant, but It made me chuckle.

The plan was to also stop at the Wanapum Dam visitor center, as the reviews are good. ( Grant PUD Visitor Center) And they have some of the turbines on Display that you can walk through! Unfortunately, it was closed, due to the season. No worries though, Im sure I will be back. That wraps up Saturdays explorations.

Not far from here, well……relatively speaking. Probably about 45 mins. There is a Titan Missile Base. Like many, it was flooded when abandoned. However, there is a company that lets you dive it.

Would probably be really cool. Many don’t know, but a lot of what was once top secret things happened in this area. Mostly all involving Chemical Weapons, and Nuclear material. I drove through the Hanford Nuclear reservation, as well as the Umatilla Army Chemical Weapons Depot. Not places, you just drive around on dirt roads next to.

Alrighty* That covers it for now.

Pacific Northwest yetti

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A few weekends back, Veterans day. After doing a few miles with the dog, in a spot I go to often. There were no gunshots, and no people. So I did about a 20-mile loop on the power line and Dam inspection road. Nothing crazy, mostly (right now) two tracks, rocks, and sandy washes.
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