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Thread: Overland Training: Educating the Adventure Traveler

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    I posted this in the Expedition preparation Forum as well, but I'm going to duplicate the word here:

    Overland Training is teaming with Remote Medical International to offer an industry first: Wilderness First Aid for Overlanding. This three day course will include WFA certification in the standard two day format, and then an additional day that will cover CPR certification, travel medicine, medical pack overviews and trauma and evacuation related to common vehicle related accidents.

    This course will be offered for the first time on December 18th, 19th and 20th 2009 with additional courses to follow in 2010. Remote Medical will also be at the upcoming Overland Expo in April.

    Overland Training has also commissioned RMI to put together medical kits for overlanding use, kits that cover medical eventualities in international zones. RMI is a full service pharmacy and provides telemedicine support for remote overlanders and expeditions for support where a hospital is not an option.

    The course is offered at $425 in Prescott AZ. To get more information or to sign up, please contact Overland Training:


    Or review our Course Catalog.

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    Very cool training, I've been secretly keeping an eye on the progression of this training program from "down under". So when are you going to offer your first Australian session?

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    Then do you get a cool sticker for your bumper like this?

    On a cool vehicle like this?

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    I'm not certain, but I may have encountered the first Overland Certified chihuahua in Baja a few days ago:

    -J. Brandon (yup, it's just J.)
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    Default July 9-11 Overland Wilderness Medical Training in Prescott

    Overland Training is thrilled to be teaming up with Remote Medical International for another Overland WFA course.

    The training will take place at the Overland Training base in Prescott, AZ July 9-11. This is a custom training based on the 16-hour WFA certification, supplemented to provide a more complete skill set appropriate to remote and international overlanding. The three days will give a full treatment of topics, and will include Wilderness First Aid and CPR/AED certifications. Additionally we will include instruction on travel medicine, advanced med kits and using telemedicine or remote medical direction. Classroom training will be interspersed with hands-on skills training and scenarios, and the course will emphasize overland-specific issues and scenarios. It will be a great way to prepare yourself for managing both common issues and worst-case scenarios when help is hours to days away. It will also be a lot of fun!

    Here are two great write-ups from the Overland Training and Overland Journal blogs describing the inaugural course we ran last December:

    This course is open to all overlanders, so please let interested friends know. If you have questions please contact me directly, I'd be happy to answer them. We'd love to see you in Prescott this July!

    Link to online registration:


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    I was in the display right next to these guys at the Overland Expo and talked to them a ton...
    as a ICU RN and W-EMT I was very very impressed with everything about Remote Medical.
    I will be taking their incredible version of the Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals very soon as I need to re-cert and I am looking forward to posting a report.
    The fact that they are willing to take a traditionally backpacking oriented format and adjust it to what we do shows the range of experience and knowledge they have.
    And since I can get all the supplies & meds from them also it is a no brainer.

    I would recommend this course for anyone based on just what I have seen from talking with them...I can't wait to report back first hand though.
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    I very recently signed up for WFA by Remote Medical. Upon completion I will be getting my Overland Certificate. When I first looked into this I inocently thought all that was required was the Overland Training. I did not know that a HAM license and WFA were also requirements. Well, anyway the first two are behind me and one last step to go.

    Not real thrilled about Prescott in July but we might get some real world experience with treating for heat exhaustion!

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    Cool. Wish I had the time..

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    Is there a schedule for 2012?

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