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  • Thanks. There is an Indiana thread and group... We are just getting started having meetings every month. We will be doing some runs this summer I'm sure. I know for a fact I will be hitting the Badlands down in Attica.
    cool, i am hoping to have it at that chicago area meet up in the local section off this site, think it's on the 24th this month
    Other than that I really don't have too many plans. Maybe a like a bull bar with off-road lights too. But actually if I can get my loan right side up, I might actually consider selling it again. I want a rig with more aftermarket support and no reliability issues.

    I do like having the Z because it's always cool to see a vehicle no one else has or is familiar with. I also wish there was room for 4 people in the cab. There's barely enough for 3. :(
    Well by summer I plan to have either a 2" BL or 2" SL. A body lift would obviously be cheaper. And also I do a lot of camping so I'd like some kind of topper. I've been looking at a soft top since the hardtops are so pricey. I do like the look of a canopy-type soft top. Then once I need new tires I want to upgrade to 32 AT's. We'll see though.
    I've also had issues with my window motors. There's been a few times my driver side window wouldn't go up. And if I have the window down at high speeds, it won't go back up all the way. I've owned 2 Chevy's in my life and both have had cheap interiors.

    I have plans for the Z. I want both the 2in body lift and suspension lift. Maybe one of them will come middle next year with the other not too far behind. I also will be upgrading my tires from stock 31's to 32's when I need new tires.
    Yea it is almost brand new. That's one of the reasons I decided to keep it. Can't go wrong with low mileage. It's dependable for now.
    How has the ZR5 been to you? I remember when those were introduced. I really wanted one. ;)
    Hey man good to hear from you. I'm also a member on ZR2USA but I'm not too active there.
    My Z has only 47k on it and has been a good first truck for me. Unfortunately Z's have a bad reputation when they hit high mileage. I have heard few good things on their dependability. But just like any vehicle it depends on the driver I guess. At least that's what I like to tell myself.
    On the other hand the off-roading ability is great. The stock lift and lockers help a bunch. I do wish there were more aftermarket items available for our S10's.
    I'd suggest read a bit more on ZR2USA to help your buddy. Sorry I couldn't help more.
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