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  • hey, thanks for the request, I see that you are in el paso are, well i live in juarez but i got some amigos over in el paso are, visit this page is from a local club from juarez and el paso tx.

    I go there with the name of Dfrog-Adv, lock for the user Desert Rat he lives in el paso are, you con contact me by or by CB in channel 36 (name is nomad in English or Spanish is vago) in am in usb, arr own 8 to 9 pm. 73´s
    Hey guys, are yall still in el paso? Please let me know if you are because im looking for playmates/teachers now that im back in the sandlot. Im on the east side. Are either of you hams? Please get in touch.
    alexfm, I recently moved to El Paso and will be here until March 2012. Would love to get out and about, do you have anything planned?
    So I assume you're out here near EP then? Fun place to have a truck I think!
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