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  • Glad that you have found a good deal for the running board issue - just don't spend too much, because you will miss that money for the Jeep you will show up with next year ;-)

    We should plan the next meeting in advance to set up a nice camp like the one in the photo below ...

    So, I found these Lexus running boards on Craigslist Tennessee for $25. The guy did not wanted to sell them to me because I live in CT, anyway we were going back and forth and I end up offering $125.00 and finally he accepted... Considering that I could not find them anywhere else and comparing with the prices of regular Land Cruisers running boards they are still a good deal... I am also looking at Ironman suspension lifts... What do you guys think about them? Also, Gerry, what's up with the pics man? I am editing the videos and I would like to include some of the pics you took. Cheers!!!
    Still green... I still have not even got the chance to take my stuff out of the truck... I messed up the right running board during the competition... I got to look at that as well...
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