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    Lexus GX550 Overtrail vs. Grenadier or new Toyota Land Cruiser?

    In Botswana a REAL Landcruiser costs ~Pula 500k or ~$35k. 5 speed, naturally aspirated non electronic 4.2L 6 cyl diesel. Main options are F/R diff locks and extra 90L fuel tank. These pictures taken today in Moremi Game Reserve at Third Bridge but LC pickups (crew cab now factory option) are...
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    Importing a Mercedes Fire Truck - Exempt from Duty if you modify the truck?

    At least in 2006, the duty on campers was 2.5%. The duty on my chassis was zero since it had already been legally imported into the US by Freightliner. It took US Customs in Jacksonville a full 4 business days to pull their heads out of another orifice and figure that out. Which is just one of...
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    Winter tires

    1) don’t assume anything!! Weigh your vehicle with all tanks (water and fuel) full, tools etc, add ~5-600 lb for 2 people + food/personal stuff. 2) as a first approximation, tire pressure should be ratio of actual load to rated load, times specified pressure at max load. 3) If you’re going to...
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    Remodeling Your Adventure Rig

    You might want to find a copy of this book. Amazon currently can’t source it. Cat noir not included.
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    Unicat/Ram 5500 on Youtube - 22 minutes long

    New Unicat/5500 camper on Youtube:
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    Stewart and Stevenson Expedition

    The Allison 3700SP transmission has a very low 1st ratio of 6.93; quite low for an automatic. 7th is 0.78. Standard axle ratio is a very slow 7.8 (3.9 diff, 2:1 planetary hubs). Often when repurposed like this they’re regearedto 6.14, the ad doesn’t say. IMHO I’d want a low range, which the...
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    Opinions on windows

    KCT has a fantastic screen system. I tested mine on Alaska North Slope in late June and IT WORKS. I think they do custom sizing.
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    Welcome to the 10-year club

    Those lobsters bring back memories of FJ40 trips to the Gulf side in the early 70s. When climbing the hill near Puertocitos required low range.
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    Welcome to the 10-year club

    17 year club: I ordered my chassis new from an equipment dealer serendipitously walking distance (2 miles) from my house in September 2005. I had deliberated over the options list for 2 months. 35 years of 4x4 experience helped. Many people spend years building a camper themselves. Having a...
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    BLITZEN goes Lithium

    Thanks, just downloaded manual. They seem reasonably priced and have Bluetooth observability.
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    BLITZEN goes Lithium

    Do you know if those batteries can be mounted on their side?
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    98 U2150/Unicat Only 43500 miles, €259k, PTO front winch, Unicat camper. Apparently price includes conversion back to LHD. Chassis now 25yo. Camper only 12yo. Even if has 6.38 gears, there’s several (3 that I can think of)...
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    Big custom camper sightings

    Seen parked near the beach in La Jolla. The MB Arocs has a website The camper didn’t have a torsion free mounting obviously. Didn’t get to talk to them. The MAN picture was taken by grandson.
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    custom camper examples

    Near the beach in La Jolla today. Camper built by Krug in Cherkassy UKr. Note non torsion free mount. Didn’t get to talk to them.