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  • The 2011 SoCal Desert Rendezvous was such a success that I have decided to do a bi-annual event:
    Desert Rendezvous in March
    Mountain Rendezvous in September

    Stay tuned!
    Go to the User CP at the upper left of your screen and select "social groups" and you join the group "ExPo of San Diego and the Inland Empire". Coords will go out via PM.
    "If you are reading this, welcome to the Desert Rendezvous Conspiracy" If I can read this not sure if I can join the group. Sure would like to, if not send me to the proper thead. Thanks. BTW, your event is one of a kind and outstanding. We, my wife, the dogs and I have been looking for something like this for sometime.
    I just ordered a flip PAC for my 2008 Tacoma double cab long bed. I am building a storage/sleeping platform in the back and need to know how much the shell overhangs the slide rails. Would you be willing to take a measurement for me?

    Thanks, brent
    I'm new to the site and noted you once had an 88 4runner.

    I own a 87 with 140,000 original miles sr5 every option but rear heat.. I purchased aisin manual hubs some time ago...now not so sure if I should bother adding...

    Any thoughts based on your exper. What tires did you run and how were the 31's on stock rims and related stock set-up

    hi tacodoc
    i need help with scepter gaskets. which are which black vs grey? also been emailing budbuilt and he will make aluminum skids for 2nd gen tacos been waiting on a price.love your rig! thank you
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