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  • hey noticed you said you would sell your roof top tent on a forum talking about them, so i just had to join the forum to inquire you about this, i noticed you said " i sell for cheap " well im in the market for an RTT and cheap sounds like something awesome! shoot me a price on that thing! if you could email me that would be awesome! or text me, my name is keegan and you can reach me at 360 941 8450 or
    Re Salida...
    Hi Glenn

    Love it! I would say it is perfect for "active" retirees. The number of active 50-70 year olds is amazing. Lots of outdoorsy things to do, relatively inexpensive for housing, surprisingly good music and arts scene and great people. Safe - crime is not much of an issue. Surrounded by public lands - great skiing, biking and hiking, backroads, fishing, rafting, etc. I took a peek at your profile and noticed you are from Tijeras. Lots of former New Mexicans here, including my wife and I. Climate similar to Santa Fe/Taos except a bit cooler in the summer. Super friendly place. You'll feel welcome here (if you want to) but you can also hang low if that is your thing too. I would be happy to give more specific detail if you want as well.

    Hi Fireman, I need a locker by-pass for my 2011 PW, I bought one from Shelby but the sensor plug is different. I have the schematic someone posted for a Gen 3 but the wiring looks different on the 2011 (more wires). perhaps Mopar wants to thwart this mod LOL. Any advice that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your fire fighting service.
    I had gotten it from the 3rd generation Power Wagon site/Dodge Talk, I'll post up over there and see who is doing it, I can't remember it's been a while. I'll let you know.
    I work for Albuquerque FD,, spent many years in wildland with the feds and state all over western US.. I also own my own buisness doing contract forestry work like control burns, consultations, noxious weed spraying , tree thinning, tree planting, ect. Good to here from another wildland dude!
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