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  • I skimmed through your planning thread, and picked up that it was dropped. What happened? Or I suppose I could just go back through the thread and find out ...

    I've been doing some major annual route planning for a group of adv riders (adv.com) in New Jersey for a few years ... two weeks, more than 2k miles, that sort of thing. (I also ride a dual-sport, KLRpig) You probably know your way around very well, and I am always eager to learn from the dings and dents incurred by others ... Let's do lunch sometime. Do you work for INL?

    My email is backcountrybyways at gmail dot com

    Flyfishexpert ... I'm new to Expedition Portal, and just came across your trans-Idaho thread. I didn't know there are any other folks around here with a similar passion, but would enjoy connecting sometime. Several years ago my wife and I began an all-dirt crossing from I-15 near Cove Fort, Utah to Bishop, Calif. It was awesome, but east of Tonopah, NV, we had to abort due to huge thunderstorms. Anyway, let's connect some time. I'm in Idaho Falls. -- Tony
    Hey Great meeting you two a few weeks ago. I hope to be back out your way in a few weeks but for now, the trip to cali and then to florida has been a long one lol. maybe we can do some fishin next time.
    Hey man I saw your post about the growler. Along with a friend I distribute water bottles very similar to the Klean Kanteen. I'd be happy to give(empty) you one of our 40oz bottles to compare. I'm curious how they hold up in that er..umm application. I dont drink so I've never used one to transport beer. Let me know. Thanks Andy
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