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  • hey Mike I was trying to find the ladder/steps that you have integrated into your Jeep, can you tell me the name?
    Hey there mike,
    I was wondering if it was about time you were going to sell your grey sprinter T1n? I was reading the buil thread and was pretty interested in it. Even if your not interested yet how does that drive in the snow? I have heard some mixed reviews on that question. Also do you think that your sprinter would do well towing a small snowmobile? Get back to me at your leisure.
    Hi Mike,
    I'm new to the forum. And would like to talk about size and model of your Seitz windows. I'm not sure if email or message is best for you. I met you at sprinterfest and have read so many of your postings.
    Thank you for your time,
    Ben Hayes
    Portland OR
    Mike- thanks for the reply on the fog lights. Hella actually make a low beam version of the same light (if its the one I'm thinking about). You could replace yours with the low beam version and then out a pair of Rigid Industries Dually D2 spot or driving beams on the oem tabs on your AEV bumper.

    So I can see how they mounted them, do you mind snapping a picture of the front and back of the lights? I have that same bumper and from the look if mine, you should be able to shoot in the side of the wheel well for a pretty good picture. My email is

    Thanks Mike.

    Bob Holthaus
    St. Louis, MO
    Hi Mike - Isaac Taylor in Hyderabad, India. Long-time forum reader, not very active poster. Have a business proposition for you when you have a minute: curious if you'll rent out the Sprinter for a month this spring, when my wife I and return to the US? I'm at

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