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    Wheels wanted

    looking for single wheels to fit Ford 350 DRW, 2019 model which has 17" 8 bolt wheels. Rickson or other brand.
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    what wood to install between frame and deck?

    pressure treated would be my suggestion
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    2017 FG Alert?

    Fuso has a gas engine available now - I haven't heard anything about it, which is a lot better than all the problems I've heard about in the diesel 3.0 Fuso quickly handled the rocker recall in my case. The gas engines are not trouble free from the numerous mechanics I have dealt with after 4...
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    FORD 4x4..E450..2017/2019..CUSTOM RV..PRICE DROPS 1K A WEEK.

    what a great build, exactly what I have in mind, both the vehicle and life style :). What is the OAL? What kind of gas mileage?
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    For Sale 2017 Fuso FG

    Sold, thanks for all the looks.
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    For Sale 2017 Fuso FG

    You are wise to do some leg work to come up with the best match. I've spent a lifetime, over 50 years and 40 trucks looking for the perfect, most reliable, dual purpose truck. I'm still searching :) Make a list of pros and cons on all the choices, that is my approach. Without test driving in...
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    consider trade for Fuso

    consider trade for Fuso
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    For Sale 2017 Fuso FG

    A number of reasons for selling. We had hoped to be back in the mountains of Utah by now where millions of acres of playground are out our back door. That plan is on temporary hold. Vehicle- wise you need to know they are noisy, at least this model year. Engine, fan, wind, tires the price...
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    For Sale 2017 Fuso FG

    I found 12- 15mpg is the range. More load and pushing wind with the camper on gets around 12mpg. On the highway as a flatbed 15 is about average running 60- 65 mph.
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    New fuso build (maybe) lol. Questions

    I wish I had paid more attention to the weight of the camper I built. While the GWV and the weight bias is fine for the truck spec, every pound uses up some HP. My camper is a bit over 3,000 dry. I suspect water, LP gear, people, etc will add another 1000lbs. Remember the tire diameter and...
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    A Fuso FG hybrid

    Would be an interesting build. Hino offers their cabovers with hybrid drive. An electric motor could provide the extra power for pulling grades when loaded. Or perhaps a driveline like the Toyota Rav 4, gas engine for the front, electric motor drives the rear? Plenty of carrying capacity for...
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    For Sale 2017 Fuso FG

    From what I read it may be the last year for a factory FG imported to the US?
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    For Sale 2017 Fuso FG

    Located near Rogersville, Missouri, 65742 Purchased new December 2018 @ 6000 miles Warranty reads "36 months from purchase regardless of mileage" I assume it transfers with sale. Flat bed 2" square tube over 2x4" rectangle tube, 3/4 T&G treated decking 119 long x 87" wide, frame rails...
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    Looks like Fuso is throwing in the towel- at least on the FE

    2017 model, an honest 15 mpg empty flatbed, 12-13 with the 3000lb camper. The weight and wind resistance I suppose. Lots of 5th gear driving with the camper on, even on mild grades.