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  • Hi, ten years ago I looked into pictures of that L200 on Rainforest Challenge (was made by some famous photographer FENUI for Russian '4x4 Club' Magazine) and imagined how I tune my car once in the future. It looked moderately changed and ready for the ride, I decided to make one for myself.
    Were there 35'' tires on it?

    I am repairing old Russian SUV, maximal tires' diameter for its axles is 35'' and I think I will have to buy another gearbox with lower ratios. This UAZ I currently repair is pretty robust for standard setup (it can tow heavy things and can take about 1-1.5 tons while its weight is about 1.6 ton), and short as Jeep Wrangler and pretty lightweight, it is actually its best quality and benefit.
    I plan to add roll cage and eliminate the rust, lift the body, arrange some tools under the bonnet and huge battery (50 kg) right back of the rear axle in the frame, and put 35x12.5 tires.

    Oh, I can write it in the forum :)
    Hey recon, did you have any problem computer wise with the traction controll/abs? I know your dynatrac was setup for it just wondering though?
    I figured that if I was going to change the axle, I wanted something bomb proof. You choice for the 80 series axle is a smart choice, but not reliable enough for me. This was also a joint venture with Dynatrac because they were interested in making abs compatible axles . Saved me having figure all that stuff out, as well as having the most reliable axle possible.
    Hey recon, ive been meaning to ask you some questions about your front end converstion. I was wondering if you guys ever thought about using an fzj80 front axle. Diff is on the correct side, same lug pattern, full time, and most came with abs. Ive been think about possible when i break something going along that route. Hoping you might have had some experience when deciding.
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