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    Today’s the 120 year anniversary of the first cross country overland drive across America

    I posted a Wikipedia link to this incredible and inspiring story but think you guys should make the story a banner feature!

    Please consider doing this.

    Good morning. Could you please delete my account and everything that I have posted? There is a member on here than is harassing/stalking me.

    Thank you,

    Scott, I just mistakenly posted a classified ad twice for my 2004 Toyota Sequoia, and need to delete the one with the shortest title please sir.
    I want to invite you to take part in the Off-Road Around the World Expedition on GAZ 66 trucks "Yellow Submarines". You can find all the details on

    (The mobile version may work not correctly. Please see it on your computer or laptop. Thanks for your understanding).

    Best regards,
    Alex Litvinov
    I beg to differ on your definition of overlanding Scott. Technically speaking, overland travel is simply traveling from one location to another on land, whether it's by foot, horse, wagon, train, hoverboard, bicycle or vehicle. Think about all those emigrant and Mormon overland trails out West. I'm quite sure they didn't have land cruisers, unless they were the fabled 1800 series! ;)
    Hello, I am organizing a group buy for ih8mud for portable fridge and freezers, could I get permission to share it here? It is a coupon for 25% off all IceCo products. I just want to share the post from mud with all the details. Thank you for your time. I am DangCat on ih8mud.
    I really enjoyed your review of the Off Grid trailer, any plans to review the Overkill Camper trailer? We are trying to decide if the SO 510 is the one we want to buy?
    Thanks, Gord
    You mentioned in your LR4 build articles about some rubbing issues with the Falken WildPeak 265/70r/18s. Can you let me know what you ended up doing with them? I'm about to install LR3 18s as you did.
    "We’re working on a few long-term fixes to these items and will report back on the best solution."
    Scott, I would like to post my truck for sale here, but it says I don't have sufficient privileges. Is there something I can do?
    Do you take a personal role in the governance of your forum any more? Just an honest question.... I joined a long time ago now and it seems to have steadily declined to the point that I don't even post any longer...
    Sir, Where would I post the need for a craftsman to build me a sleeping platform/storage drawers for my 2015 Chevy Express 3500 EWB passenger van within the forums, I don't want to get hammered for posting it in the wrong place? Thank you.
    You have any pics of the aux fuel tank you had on your 1st gen Tacoma you have/had?
    I'm looking to do the same mod to my 1st Gen as soon as I figure out how to piece it all together. Scott, any info you have on this would be great to see. I loved being able to poke through all the upgrade/mod write ups you had on the expo west website and haven't been able to find any of that info recently. It was very helpful in choosing the arb bumper and installing that as well as uping my tire size.
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