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  • Mike, I was told by my friend in Eagle River, AK that you can't cut the safty glass (the glass that crumbles), but you can cut the laminate glass. I have the name of the company in Summerland that "had" the contract for the 1994 Northern Lite 9.6. I'll get the synthetic glass and then send a message off to them to find out what is what as far as me getting a replacement.

    My friend, Matt, did not elaborate on how to get a piece of glass for this camper IF there is not outlet anylonger. I'll do some research and find out.

    Thanks for your reply
    Hello, sorry to hear about breaking the window. How did it happen? I have often wondered how much the window would take. So far no glass issues. I know that the size of the window is strange (at least on my unit) so getting a piece of glass to fit would not be easy. I used Lexan for my storm windows and found that it cracks easily, not sure how good it would be for a permanent window - may be suitable for a short term fix. The company that made the windows is in BC and is still in business, have you tried calling them? Maybe they have a replacement glass or they can advise.

    I would try a good glass shop and see what they can offer. I never thought about not being able to cut it. They must be able to cut the glass some how as how would they get it to fit the window in the first place - now I am wondering if they have to make it in that shape???
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