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  • Hi, thanks for the comment.

    I took my truck to get it re leafed with a less rigid spring rate and different shocks, as a result the fellow re arched the main spring which he re used and had new secondary springs made, he put nylon friction reducers between the leaves and put on new shocks, it gave me 2.5 inch lift which equalled to more travel available. The shocks put in were not very good and since the whole suspension upgrade was done I have added much more weight so it needs to be done all over again, so I do recommend having the suspension re worked after all your weight has been added, I could not wait as I was travelling in it so it needed to get done right away even knowing that I would need to re do it. Any good suspension place should be able to do the work, my guy really did a good job of it and went to the maximum extent before major work would need to be done.
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