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  • G'day john. We are staying up at Noosa and saw you in a little red soft top yesterday. I tried waving you down but don't think you saw us. Been enjoying some fishing and family time in the camper at munna point. Great spot up here. Happy new year.

    You and your team have done a great job on the Global Warrior. I bet between ATW and SMB, you'll sell 10,000 of them.

    Hey John thanks for info about your new wheels being made. Spoke to Paul today he said about $440 a corner so i said thats great count me in. he thinks late Dec and the toyo seem the go but i might look at the Bridgestones too a little bit bigger = more top end Thanks again Tony
    g;day john , dave here, what an exellent site. read a few of your posts, quite the guru. am trying to get ready for the show in prescott az. will let you know if i make it. thanks for all your help in au. like the new surf pic. on your heading. i remember it on the cover of the daily. talk to you soon Smitty
    Go to www.unicat.net
    Pull down "vehicles" menu, hit "Terracross". It's the second vehicle, the blue U500. Under the specs list there's a button for more pictures.
    Mine is a bit different than the specs: 600L fuel + 160L in jerrycans; generator; solar panels; F/R hydraulic winches; Pre-Mac water filter system. On the highway it does 26L/100km @ 100kph.

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