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  • Those reports are true.....my stitching on my seat is coming all apart...
    Sierra Expeditions stop caring them a long time ago.....Great idea but needs more quality put into the product.
    Hey there Willman.. Are you still using the Smittybuilt G.E.A.R seat covers? If so, what are your thoughts on 'em and how well are they holding up after a couple years use? I've read some not so good reports on their stitching and poor thread quality, but I'd like the look and the functionality and would consider buying a pair for my FJ.
    Right on!

    I love my trailer and have some cool mods that i'm adding this winter:

    water tank with pump
    Get my tail gate working

    Good luck with her! Keep me posted if you start a thread on her!

    Hey I took your advice from a while back found a decent M416 trailer on eBay and bought it. I should take delivery next week or the week after. I have a friend who added a generator, AC, hot shower and a couple other goodies. It will be a slow build as money is tight both personal and business.

    Very nice!.....I just add 12" to my tongue as well so i could better open my swing-out gate....
    I havent updated the trailer since the lift and big wheels. Im going to be extending the tongue about 12", and then I need to fab up a hinged lid with lift struts to mount the tent - then everything else will just be working on accessories and finishing touches.
    Not at all....

    I few of us were starting to plan a few trips.....but after i saw that everyone could see...Back to PM and Email..I don't care if any sees it...just was thinking that it was like a PM....How do you clean up your box for good without out leaving these delete trails?..
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