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  • CONTD..... In any case, if you ever want to drop me a line as a private message, please feel free. And needless to say, if you’d like to add anything to the thread, please go right ahead!! You seem like a wise old hand at this kind of thing.

    Once again, many thanks,

    Feel free to PM me your contact #. It's always good to have real conversations with people that have actual societal differences. Perhaps you're a pinko commie, but you're and English European pinko commie, and your experience and observations won't be the same as an American pinko commie... :)
    check your PM
    CONTD.... Even if the thread’s theme is quasi-political, the political side needs to be suppressed. The accent instead needs to be on compassion, respect, kindness, and how as Overlanders we can embody these values when we travel. Political conservatives do understand these values, and many try to live by them. Which is perhaps why I have so many conservative friends!
    I'm neither. I'm antistupid. People post ******** with high certainty when they are way out their bailiwick. Not knowing, what you don't know, isn't the issue. Not realizing how far away you are from understanding a topic, let alone mastery, is the issue. The internet has exacerbated the issue to the point, social media does more harm than good, and its going to be the death of us all. Too many "experts".
    CONTD..... Believe it or not, I’m not well-habituated to this kind of warfare, so probably went overboard. But Christian (the moderator) was awfully nice about it all, and even offered to put a supplementary moderator on the thread, to speed up reponse-time to Troll-posts!! Of course I am partly to blame, because I did veer off-topic a bit.....
    Thank you: thanks for your comments!! That sure was a flame-war!!

    Oddly enough, once the dust settled this morning and the thread had been sanitised — as if the flame-war had never happened — Plane Jane then did an about-face, and pointedly registered “likes” for my most recent posts.
    i missed it.
    Why do you have a pic of Roberto Clemente?

    He's my all-time favorite athlete (I was born in the 'Burgh). What a wonderful player and human being.
    i dont think so. no one in our group pulled a ticket. hanna flies in from NYC for every game, and thought foar enough ahead to reserve a flight and room at the beginning of the season, but, i dont wanna spend that kinda cash on a secondhand ticket. small chance ill go just to make a mini vacation out of it and drink at some bar.
    see me next season, ya aint goin to Sunday, the "ill go to a playoff game because it popular, not cause i really wanna go, GF" is going with me. if ihear "its cold" one more time shes going over the edge.
    Heck yeah, I'd go back home to Pittsburgh in a second. I'll buy you a case of arhn if you take me to a game...
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