2007+ Toyota Tundra long bed vs short bed for overlanding


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I'm curious what you thought of OME compared to the more expensive options.

They are the best durable, value shock. I've had them on several rigs. I will say the front strut assembly for my 2013 Taco was overly harsh (poor extension damping). I'm guessing the shock valving not well matched to HD spring. It was the proper spring for the weight however. It basically felt like the suspension was slaming out on extension. Anyhow, it didn't last long and switched back to Icon.

For most, OME is a fine option. If you drive extended distances on poor roads where your suspension is constantly extending and compressing they will fade out and eventually overheat and fail. If you drive 10mph this will never be an issue. If you drive 40-50mph immense difference, no comparison. So smooth, rewarding to drive faster.


If you drive 40-50mph immense difference, no comparison. So smooth, rewarding to drive faster.

Are you getting kickbacks from Icon by any chance? ;)

I know what long stretches of washboard and rough roads are like. Unfortunately I'm going to be doing a lot of that with the camper. If the high $ shocks make a substantial difference, I guess I need to pull my wallet out. It's a lot of money though, ~10% of what I paid for the truck new! Damn...


Adventure Time!
That would be nice!! But no...

Just rolled across the border. On our drive to Guadalupe Hot Springs (rough road) driving it at 45-50 mph my buddy overheated his Fox 2.0 shocks (not resi). Mine did great even catching air a handful of times. Essentially anything will work you just have to adjust your driving to match your suspension. I'm sure if my truck had long travel it could go another 10-15mph faster on that same road.

My primary interest is going 40-45mph not only for covering distance but it also drastically smooths out the ride.


Wow the thread grew a bit!
I have forgotten my Toyota loyalty and started looking for used 3/4 ton trucks. And the more I research the more confusing it gets.

What I am looking for:
1) Quad cab with 4 real doors
2) Long bed
3) Automatic (so wifey can drive it but it's not the most important factor)
4) Ability to carry a loaded Alaskan (in process of purchasing), aftermarket bumpers, winch etc.
5) 4x4
6) keep it in 15k-25k budget

Other considerations:
1) Truck will be solely an overlanding/camping rig, have a work car and couple land cruisers for other needs. So probably 20 weekends a year +/- longer trips
2) I am not planning to tow anything huge

1) Gas vs Diesel - after reading the forums the consensus seems to be that if you aren't planning to use the truck every day/tow a lot - gas is better in terms of cost/maintenance/reliability?
2) Dodge/Ford/Chevy?

Thanks for all your input!

IMO, look for a 1-ton gas (Ford, just because they are plentiful). Should be lots of F350, Super Crew, 8' bed, SRW around. Many are ex-landscaping trucks.


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Adventure Time!
That looks like a very long dirt road! How is Baja these days? How far down are you going?

Went down to Cabo. Hanging at beaches along the way and exploring. It's getting much more civilized. More roads. More people.

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