2012 Jeep Jeep Unlimited Rubicon outstanding build!!

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Thanks for the complements my wife calls the jeep our third child since I baby it so much lol. I have had some interest but nothing solid yet. Hoping it goes to a good home. Love the Comanche too those are sweet keeps and you nailed the color. Crush on black is my favorite look!

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I Hate Off Camber
I just noticed I left this picture out the jeep has a fold down table installed on the tailgate, items attached to the tailgate will not be included.


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Coupla comments/questions:

The Nemesis Billy Armor body armor protection looks good. Didn't notice the rock sliders on your list - which company's sliders are they?

You put the AEV 4.5" lift on it and you're running 37's - which is my goal but I want to keep my factory fenders. Did you replace your factory fenders out of necessity (4.5" lift and 37" tires) or simply because you wanted to?

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The billy rocker kit is by Nemesis the kit includes everything to protect the sides of the jeep. I had the outer portion of the kit professionaly Line-X because I knew that is the worst area for rock chips and the powered coat would not hold up.
I did not have to do the flares, I would say there is adequate room for the 37s but I wanted to open up the wheel wells and give myself that security and protection on the sides.

Good luck on your build

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For some reason I am having issues with my inbox for my private messages so any and all questions please email

Honuboy and cobound I could see you sent me a message but I can't open the message so please email.

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Ok I want to sell this so I will put this out there, I can do 40,000$ that's my bottom.
Here are some pictures. These were prior to the new fenders and the new bumper but some cool shots from the golden crack in Moab.


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I'll be in touch. I am trying to finalize the deal on my built Rubicon and should know more in the next few days.

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