2013 Tacoma 4x4 w/ Super Pacific Camper $26k for truck SP $11,500


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Located in Oxnard, CA. Updated price to sell. I’ve been going back and forth on selling the Tacoma part of me not wanting to let go. But can’t justify keeping two trucks. So, $26,000 for the truck and asking $11,500 for the camper.

This Tacoma does well overlanding and off-roading. Had To switch to Tundra to pull my trailer/house.

This was built with heavy duty leaf springs to handle the camper. Feels good with the kings and the camper. When I drove w/o the camper it’s stiff. Mileage about 143,600

Purchased end of 2012, original owner.
Fender bender last year. Front bumper has minor damage, replacement could be done or ignored but didn’t since I was considering a front winch and bumper. License plate attempted theft, was bent in process.

TRD Sport 4x4, added rear Eaton E-locker

Light off-roading. Just didn’t get out much with it once it was built. Switched to a Tundra to tow a trailer and the Tacoma has been in storage.

Should be repainted or maintained by repainting sections. Sections where clear coat is damaged. Also sections of peeling where i complained to Toyota at year 5 about the paint. But I’ve waxed and done best to keep it from deteriorating.

King Shocks w/ adjustable reservoirs

Icon Delta UCA- may need different UCAs or a different alignment shop to adjust caster. Was aligned before putting in storage. Drives fine, just unsure about long term effects.

LCAs changed last year w/ Toyota OEM

Dobinsons heavy duty leaf springs

Archive Garage Hammer Hangers

Cali Raised Sliders

RCI full steel skids(engine, transmission, transfer case)

TRD pro wheels(5)

Falken wild peaks 5 tires. Purchased 1 year ago. About 8000 miles

Eaton E locker done by Sibi Built

Regear 4.88 done by Sibi Built

Ubolt flip kit

Archive bump stops

Weather tech Floor liners

Diode Dynamics Pro Amber Fog Lights

Recently changed battery 27F Duralast Platinum

Cali Raised ditch lights and brackets

Cali raised bed stiffeners

$37,500 with Camper
$26,000 for truck only, Camper must have buyer lined up
$11,500 for camper only


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