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Exactly what I ordered, JK, lol! Black levers with red dial adjustments, clean and simple. They should be here by the end of the week.

Ok , in an effort to help you spend your money , have you looked into these ?

I keep tools on the bike, but fluids for me, snacks, tubes, etc go in the bag (anything that wont become a bar against my spine if/when I come off the bike) . use the ranger 9 and the misses uses the outlander 3 (I get to carry anything she cant fit, she is nice about sharing that way ;) )

They are serious about how it moves with your body and doesnt dance even on pretty rough terrain. Major benefit to me is that all the stuff I would take off my bike when going into a store/restaurant is already there and on me.

Coming from your other thread on the 450l I really like the way the build is focused.

I already have something similar. I have been using the Klim Arsenal Vest for the past year and a half and a few months back I picked up the WLF Enduro/Answer Ops Vest which is very similar but more minimalist in design. I don't care for a regular pack, having something close to the body helps to keep the load better supported and with less movement. I carry my sidearm, an entire tool roll, spare tube, inflation kit, tire repair kit, air pressure gauge, cell phone, 3L water bladder, car keys and my Garmin InReach Mini. I love the vest approach and wear mine each and every time that I ride, the Klim vest can get hot in the summer and that's why I purchased the Answer vest since it has more of a suspender style design which breathes better.


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Picked up some new boots recently, Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS.


Got this MotoPro HQ L-track mounted wheel chock to use on the trailer recently as well. It's not of much use with the regular dirt bikes which are secured by the foot pegs with the Bike Binderz's, but for the DT250A, smaller kids dirt bikes, scooters and street bikes that don't have cleat style foot pegs this is a nice removable option. They provide you with an optional bracket to mount the chock off to either side at a 45* angle as well.





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Setting up the proper height adjustment on the Bike Binderz tonight and trying the layout for single bike spacing. I am going to try one link further up on the chain setting for less downward tension next, but it's extremely stable in the current position.

I have the L-track setup on the decking so that I can carry bikes in the following layouts: 1) a single bike forward in the center like pictured 2) two bikes side by side on the outside forward in the trailer or 3) three bikes with the two forward bikes to the outside and a third in the center and setback from the outside bikes facing either forward or backwards depending on size and height. I should be able to carry two full size adventure bikes side by side as well.

I am waiting on a third set of Bike Binderz to arrive and when they do I'll use the supplied 12" L-track sections on the leading edge top rail for wheel chock setup options for the outside bike positions. It could prove to be handy on long distance trips where less movement of the front wheel would be preferred.







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I like that much more than the lock and load system risk uses. Tried the LAL on on of my trailers but it was a pita to try and work with.



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I installed the new ASV C6 Pro Perch Clutch lever and C6 Brake levers this afternoon. These are their top off-road levers which are CNC machined instead of forged and they come with a 6 year damage warranty. I chose the short levers as I prefer to clutch and brake with two fingers. I still need to make some adjustments with the free-play in the clutch cable but I can tell that these will be a nice addition.

You must disconnect the clutch safety wire from the harness behind the headlight and then plug the two wires back into themselves to reconnect the ignition loop. This is pretty self explanatory when you follow the wire and see where it connects.











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I installed the new ASV C6 shorty levers and Pro Clutch perch last week, but I had a few issues. This is one of the first sets for the 450L so some teething issues are to be expected. One issue I had was with the clutch lever contacting the switch housing upon full compression. ASV was aware of the issue and sent me out the white spacer in order to push the clutch perch further out from the switch housing. I am happy to report that with the spacer it no longer makes contact. Hopefully they will be including that spacer with all future levers for the 450L.

I noticed a lot of stretch/slack in the clutch cable after the install and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why. I adjusted the clutch as far out as it could possibly go and I still had a mushy lever. Luckily I thought it through a little further and checked for a second barrel adjustment at the clutch case hinge only to find that the cable had come loose of the elbow completely. What a goof, I should have noticed that sooner, but I got it reconnected and readjusted in not time. I think I will be much happier with these levers now that I can more comfortably clutch and brake with two fingers.




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I finally got around to installing some new rubber front and rear, I went back with another Goldentyre GT216AA 90/100 Fatty. I love this tire and I got 2400 miles out of the last one and it still had some life left in it. For the rear I am trying out the MotoZ Tractionator Enduro I/T in a 120/90. This tire is very similar in design to the GT333N I just removed so I am hoping for similar performance but I hope to get more than 700-800 miles out of it.




I replaced the axle blocks with a set of the easily adjustable Bolt axle blocks. Why manufacturers don't design theirs like this is beyond me, it makes so much more sense. I also replaced the rear wheel spacers with a set from San Diego Powerhouse. These spacers have a tighter fit in the seals and the curved outer edge definitely helps when lining up the axle. I grabbed a kick stand safety switch bypass from them as well as I am waiting on a Pro Moto billet side stand to arrive to replace my "tweaked" factory unit. Removing the safety switch wiring was far more time consuming than I had expected, they certainly have the wire well protected and secure lol.








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The new P3 Carbon guard for the FMF Megabomb header showed up today. It looks like a pretty nice piece of kit and it comes with stainless hardware. I like how it wraps around to the front of the header unlike the FMF version that simply covers only the Megabomb portion.

I've never had much of an issue with burning my pants or skin on the header (I have burnt a microfiber towel or two though lol), but if nothing else it should act as a sacrificial skid plate of sorts and help to keep from damaging/denting the header itself. Install was a breeze, just mark where to place your mounts, strap them down and bolt it up. I had mine on in about 15 minutes.









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Took the bike for a short jaunt this morning after moving things around in the garage. Definitely looking forward to the trips I have scheduled on it coming up here in the next few months.



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I finally finished the utility trailer project. The first phase of the restoration included all sanding, painting, rewiring, installing all new recessed LED lights, new decking, deck sealant and new tires. The second phase included finishing the L-Track on the forward pipe rail and on the deck, DOT2 stickers, a new side-wind pivoting tongue jack, locking tongue tool box and a new license plate light and bracket.

This will be the perfect utility trailer for local day trips or multi-day trips when our travel doesn't require overnight stays in a hotel or public place where lack of constant visibility would create a security issue for the bikes/cargo. I have already used it multiple times carrying both the 450L and the DT250A a combined 1,000+ miles without issue. It's nice to be able to easily, conveniently and quickly secure the bikes without straps.

I tried my best to keep the tie-down system as low profile as possible by using L-track with a radius so that it won't interfere with hauling other possible cargo like riding mowers, furniture, boxes, etc. Flush mount L-Track would have been even better but it didn't make sense for this project and the decking used. In total the trailer weighs under 1,000 lbs empty with the loaded tool box and spare making it a light load for a mid-size tow rig like a Tacoma or 4Runner.

Here is what I started with back in the summer (as a reminder), a weathered and slightly rusted six year old trailer tarnished from years of daily exposure to the elements. It had only been towed two or three times since new and had never been registered by the dealer.


New pivoting side-wind jack and locking tongue tool box.



All new recessed LED lights and LED plate light and bracket.



L-Track on the leading edge pipe rail for wheel chocks and tie-downs and on the deck for use with the Bike Binderz and tie-downs. The center tracks are longer for use with a third bike which can be mounted facing forward or backwards as needed.



Solo/single bike setup.



Dual/multiple bike setup.




Tie-downs for use with lashings/straps for bikes that lack cleated pegs like the DT250A, sport bikes, standards, etc.



Great job. I really like how you used the L-track. That looks like something I might try also. Can you share some pics of the back of the chocks that tie into the L-track at the front of the trailer? Looks like you're using a spacer and I'd like to see how you tied in the mount.


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Great job. I really like how you used the L-track. That looks like something I might try also. Can you share some pics of the back of the chocks that tie into the L-track at the front of the trailer? Looks like you're using a spacer and I'd like to see how you tied in the mount.

Many thanks! I like how it turned out, simple and a non-invasive system yet highly effective.

The wheel chocks are made by MotoProHQ, they offer them in multiple mounting options, I chose the L-Track version. You have to assemble them and they provide an angled adapter as well in case you plan to haul the bikes at an angle in your trailer. No spacers involved, they use a simple backing plate to which the L-Track cleat mounts and then the chock mounts to that plate. They aren't cheap but they are worth every penny when you finally get them in your hands. Inquire about a discount to save a few bucks.



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Ran into a fellow dual sport rider on the beach today. He had a heavily farkled 2014 CRF450X, it was nice. Turns out we know some of the same people. Hope to link up and ride with him soon.




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Well fellas, I am officially bidding this thread adieu. The 450L has been sold and as of today is on it's long two week journey to it's new home in California. The exciting part is that the new owner will be retiring over seas in the next 1-2 years and the bike will be going with him to ultimately travel around Europe.

It's been a good time, it was a hell of a bike but I am moving on for now. I am still up in the air about what will replace it but my front runners aren't even available at the moment so I am in no rush. For now I'll occupy my time with waterfowl and upland hunting and hopefully by the spring I can refocus on the search for another bike.




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