4Door Bronco build


Raptor- I used it on my trailer and really liked it. Thomas uses it on all his restorations. Tintable can be matched to exterior or any color desired. Underneath is their basic black kit. So far about 7 bottles on each surface. Still have to do bulkhead and tailgate in grey.
Ordered this past week-
37x12.50x17 Cooper ST Maxx
Fuel 17x8.5 D551 wheels
Anthracite color of fake beadlock ring is what I matched the hood, grill, and tailgate contrast color to. Dash and 4 door panels will also be this color.

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NICE!!! I'm going to coat my entire Bronco in Raptor! I go hunting a fishing and I really what to use mine as an expo rig. I'd kill me to invest so much time in paint only to know that I'm gonna eventually scratch it all up!!!


Been one of those weeks. Not a lot of progress to show since Thomas is working on other customer's vehicles and I'm digging through bags and boxes trying to round up nuts, bolts, and other parts for sandblasting to send off to be plated. Thomas likes to plate all hardware so it has a durable finish and everything matches. Just another one of his many details that make his builds stand out. Of course everything would be easier if I had bagged and tagged everything like I always swear I'm going to do on a tear down. This time maybe half was bagged so it's not too bad. Wheels came in and tires are do in Monday, so maybe there will be some pictures first of the week.


Hasn't been a lot of activity this week do to a bout with bronchitis. Thomas is also working on some other customer's trucks, so I've just plugged along on getting the last little details completed on the chassis so the body can go back on. The engine I bought was already set up with a nice March serpentine system, so I had to add the bracket for the air conditioning compressor.

Final details 002.JPG

It is part of the Vintage Air setup, and should work much better for all heat functions compared to the original factory system, not to mention the luxury of a cool ride in the summer.

The compressor for my auxiliary air has been mounted to the frame and wire run for all connections.

Final details 007.JPG

In the meantime the tires and wheels are mounted and look really good. Here is a picture of the 37" ST MAXX next to a 35" BFG mud terrain on Black Pearl. Can't wait to see them installed.

Final details 003.JPG

Monday should see last of the items on the check list completed. Gas tank tie ins for fuel pump and fuel filter, and fill the Atlas with oil and set up the site glass should finish off the preparations for getting the body back on the frame. The dash and door panels should also be ready and maybe this thing will finally start to come back together.


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nice, i jsut got the exact same coopers on my f350 cclb. havent driven on them yet. i hop ethey will be good in snow


Feel the same way Greg. Trusting the reviews online are accurate- most claim they have excellent winter performance. Time will tell.

Saturday my wife and I drove over the mountain to Asheville and the Expeditions East show. It was great. Don't see many of these types of rigs on the East coast. Years ago I had dreams of building a 4wd van and doing the Baja. Some of the rigs really get the juices flowing. Maybe the '77 F250 CC I'm trying to sell could be converted with one of the Tiger or Phoenix style shells. My wife got to go inside some of these and she is beginning to see the light. She really likes the stand up style (with a shower) much better than the slide ins. She can pretty much handle anything, as long as she gets a shower at the end of it.

Expeditions East 023.JPG

Expeditions East 026.JPGExpeditions East 041.JPG

Expeditions East 001.JPG

These are some of the middle range options. There were so many people around the Earth Roamer we never could get a close look. Many big dreamers!

Expeditions East 043.JPG

Expeditions East 036.JPG

The off road trailer group is more my focus. Really liked this setup with the Fox wing awning. Was nice and cozy behind the wind break with the wind blowing like it was Saturday. A little charcoal fire box kept it comfortable. Bet it really felt good this morning with the temps just above freezing!

We liked the Rhino awning after getting to see it set up. The added accessories and talking with Tony who is running the North American Division convinced us to buy the Sunseeker ll awning at a good show price. Should have taken a picture of us bringing it back in my wife's Corolla.

Expeditions East 033.JPG

Just the right size to go on the trailer I built. Now I have to build an extendable mount for it. It never ends!

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That's cool man! I'd like to go to one of these events some day! I've always thought that a 4x4 Ford van would make an awesome expo rig. Especially with a Cummins in it :)


Is that a factory color? I'm not really familiar with original colors. My '76 is dark green, and the 4dr was a lighter green.


Well, the day has finally arrived. The body is back on the frame and ready for the final stage. Still a few weeks to go getting everything back together, but now we can begin to see how it is going to look. The roller tires will stay until everything is done.


Been a long time coming, but the end is starting to come into sight. Here is a picture of the dash with gauges and air vents.



Some progress being made this week. A little slow but at least now what we are putting together is permanent and won't be coming back off. Working on the heater and AC lines for the Vintage Air. Nice unit that fits tight under the dash. No cables or vacuum lines- everything is electric servos.

Vintage air 001.JPG

Vintage air 003.JPG

Vintage air 004.JPG

Trying to figure out how to mount 2 XSPower batteries on the passenger side. Gonna be tight, but I think we can make it work.
Anyone with suggestions on dual battery charging setups would welcome the input.

Vintage air 005.JPG

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