92 Isuzu Trooper money hole


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Nice looking rig - that's a great looking bumper! I'm learning that "there's only x number of those Isuzu parts left in North America" concept. I'm getting ready to do a little work on a '92 Trooper that has become my new daily driver (of sorts).

Curtis in Texas

That is one Nice Trooper!
Been thinking of buying a Trooper like that, and building it with my grand daughter. She loves the adventures I have in my Extreme Rodeo. And she wants to join me in a rig of her own. She's 21 BTY.
If you guys are looking for OEM parts and someone with extensive knowledge; email Jerry Lemond at jlemond@bellsouth.net.
He was the head Isuzu Factory Training Rep, when they had one in Atlanta GA, and has a shop full of hard to find parts.
He is about to retire the shop, so is selling off his inventory at a hair over cost. And he can tell you how to diagnose and fix Isuzu issues off the top of his head. So either record your phone calls with him or you will miss a lot of information.
Definitly save all corespondence with him. He's been a good frend of mine for the last 45 years. Great Guy!

I have a big box of stuff for my Rodeo coming, due any day. Ordered mostly wear out items for my Rodeo and 2 - 1st gen Troopers, so I can keep them running after he closes his doors. 20160405_145816.jpg
Here's my Rodeo. It's a 93 32.L gasser with Marlin Crawler doubler gear boxes. 40 forward gears, in 2 wheel or 4 wheel, and ARB's in both diffs. Full floater Isuzu Dana 44 with Toyota front straight axle. Full internal cage and a bunch more stuff!


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I absolutely loved my 1993 trooper 5 speed.

This what was left of her in the wild fire ?‍♂️?‍♂️, F0A8FF5D-523A-4CAE-9585-DCB5489DB80F.jpegso many expedition memories with that vehicle ❤
I bought a 1995 rodeo 5 speed after that,
Trooper was much more adventure friendly vehicle with its size and back gate design,

Rodeo is awesome too.
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I’ve had a few of these. Love them. I wrecked one of my dads when I was 18. Brand new with only 2k in the clock.

yours looks amazing. Congrats.

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