A-Frame Campers: Chalet, Aliner, Jayco - Anyone?


if you had to choose from 2014 chalet aspen and 2014 aliner expedition. which would you choose?
the 2014 chalet aspen is listed for 7999 at dealer and aliner is 11,250. the chalet seems cheap? but I have also seen a aliner of that age being asked 9999 for.. in the market for one in the Midwest also if you know of any. looking for preferably under 10k


I would get whatever is better condition. I looked at 2 used A-liners and passed on both. One, the coil spring for the roof broke through the fiberglass. The other one I could see daylight through every roof seam.


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I recently owned a 2019 Aliner and have looked at several Chalets. I think the Chalets might have a little bit better quality but not night and day difference.. there is a face book Aframe for sale site that has quite a few for sale. I would not hesitate to get another Aliner even tho the quality is not great.

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I have an A-Liner Ranger. In my opinion, it is way too low in stock form for any off road adventures. If you search, you will find numerous examples of lifted units that appear to work well.

My original 2K axel bent severely within months of purchase. I replaced it with a 3.5K axel with electric brakes that has done well for the last three years.

I have pulled it with a 4 cylinder Nissan Frontier, a full size Dodge van and a minivan. Cost about 4 mpg on each.

It's easy to heat and cool. Sets up in minutes. A little cramped when it's raining out. An awning is a challenge. We use a 10X10 push up. The door is narrow but sufficient. If you are over 6', the bed may be a little short. Ours has a small fridge, heater, 5K a/c, 20 gal fresh water tank and sink. No gray water or black water provisions.

Hope this helps.
This has always been my impression.. I luv 'em but just feel too cramped to buy one.... ps, I'm 250#, 6' tall. But all the plusses you list are why I considered one.

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