Adding a Fuel tank for longer range


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This thread talks about the ford tank.

As for wiring, you can rewire the ford pump and it will work, the sending unit will read backwards, so I wired the Toyota sending unit and added the lead for the low fuel light. .

Just stumbling upon this thread, and pretty excited about it. Can you clarify what you mean by 'wired the Toyota sending unit'? Having the gauge function properly is a significant part of a tank swap, IMO - excited to hear that it can be made to work.


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Sounds like in most cases getting a bigger rig with larger stock tank and more gear space is cheaper and probably a better rig given the added weight of bigger tanks plus gear etc.


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I know this is an old thread but does anyone have more detailed information? Specifically wiring and adapting the toyota sending unit to the ford pump. Really want to do this but would really like a functioning gas gauge.


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If u do a search u can find tons of info on this mod, with that said, running the ford pump will make ur dash gauge read backwards. I've read on 3rd gen 4runner forum somewhere about a device u can add to make it work properly but have no 1st hand exp. There is other aspects u need to take into consideration, do u plan to run the stock tank in tandem with the new rear, how will u switch between them, how will u fill... I have done this mod and choose to put all the Toyota parts on the ford tank so i could run all the Toyota parts. I used the ford dual fuel tank switching unit, this allows one to switch tanks on the fly and the Toyota fuel dash gauge to switch with said when wired up properly.


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I used a Dakota Digital gauge:

BLTOffroad Avalanche


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Hi, has anyone added an aux tank (either homemade, F150, or or aftermarket, like long range america) to a CA vehicle and have it successfully pass smog and the visual inspection?


i have the longrange one on my taco and passed a few months ago in my 2015 taco. they just hook it up to the machine and thats it. no real visual on them.

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