Alu Cab vs A.R.E. Bed caps


I'm looking at the Alu-Cab Explorer Canopy and the A.R.E. CX Classic bed caps. Alu Cab is well tested aluminum made, but I like the lines of the A.R.E. CX Classic. Has anyone used the A.R.E. bed cap and how does it last with the off-road and overland travel?


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We have an ARE on our power wagon. It’s the CX HD model with the internal aluminum frame and roof bars. Honestly, it was a stop gap for us after getting rid of our habitat, but I do actually like it a ton. We will be getting it wrapped/painted to de-panda our truck now that we’ve decided to keep it longer term. IMG_6361.jpegMy only complaints are sealing against dust… which) is pretty much impossible with anything… and that I wish at least one side had the windoors. Both sides currently have slider windows with the pet screen, which works well though. But the roof rack is stout and and the internal frame is really handy. Fiberglass seems to be holding up quite well for what it’s already been subjected to, including from the previous owner and his extensive travels with it. I’ve not noticed any leaks other from when I forget to close the windows.


I have an A.R.E. CX with the Overland (Rhino lining) spray on my 2015 Nissan Frontier, bought it when I bought the truck new, overall I've been happy with it, but I will say the quality of the paint could be better, I had an A.R.E. on my previous vehicle and the paint seemed to hold up better, this one seems to chip easier, but it's not been a super big deal.


I’ve had 2 ARE toppers now. Both standard versions with the Yakima roof racks. Other than the paint not being the bestest (as noted), they have been great. I’ve had a RTT, roof box, kayaks, whatever. Never had an issue, on road, off-road, etc. Get the vented windoors and drop down front window. No water leaks. Highly recommend.

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