And now for something different...VW Golf Syncro on Ebay


I wonder if all the good bits can be swapped to a Jetta wagon of the same vintage? Maybe add the turbo diesel to the mix?

Years ago I had a pipe dream of putting the running gear and suspension of an old 4WD Dodge Colt Vista under a regular Colt/Champ/Mirage hatchback. The end result would have been close to the VW Country.


I've seen a few AWD conversions on Colts/Mirages, not too bad, still a lot of fabrication though. All the ones I saw used the Eclipse/Talon drivetrain, and they were mostly built for racing. A Colt AWD wagon would be a fun car to use off road.



That floor bar/brace thing is BLING!

I worked on one of these when I was at RPI. They took a corrado floor tunnel + passat synchro driveline and made a synchro VR6 in 1993(?) Was fun to drive.

Given deep enough pockets, you could build one. If I were doing it today, it would be 1.8T or 2.0T plus passat synchro driveline.

Actually, I'd just buy an a4 and put rally suspension in it. Or any of the myriad of 4WD turbos out there....

I liked the Rallye Golf but they're a lot of money.


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Last I heard - and I'm begging someone to prove me wrong - these are illegal for import into the US (ok for Canada, tho'). I talked to an importer a year or two ago, and he said it was a no-go unless someone with mega-bucks could pave the way....

The MKII Golf is approaching the age however where it will be importable. The thing though is that you could build one of these with parts in the United States and offered on current VW products. This was built buy Puch for VW and there arent very many out there, period. People have been swapping 4motion R32 drivetrains in MKIIs for a long while now. Get your hands on one of those, add Passat struts and springs all around and youll have one. MKIIs are so cheap to buy right now.

Here is one of the more known ones. Its a TDI, unlike the 8v in the Country, but it is 2wd


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Out at a local wheeling weekend ( BC Jeep club toy drive)



Car is in the US, but for "offroad use only". Plan is to swap all the good stuff into a US chassis along with a TDI motor.

Can you tell me how you got it into the country? I didn't think it was possible to even import for off-road use. And your plans are exactly what I would want to do...well, I'd prefer not to have to swap everything over, but would definitely want to upgrade to a TD or TDi.

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